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Lower Back pain and PMS like cramps are pretty common among the newly pregnant.

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Q: If you are pregnant would you have a backache?
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Backache could you be pregnant?

It is possible if you are having sex. Backaches are not a symptom of pregnancy but they are common occurrences during pregnancy. By the time a backache would be present during pregnancy, you would most likely be pretty far along in your pregnancy. You might consider taking a pregnancy test to confirm or rule out pregnant.

How does a woman feel when she's pregnant?

In the early stages of pregnancy she will have nausea, cramps, backache.

Could backache be a pregnancy symptom?

oh yes it can. i had, had a backache for about a week. but i thought it was due to me starting a new exercise program. well turns out i took a pregnancy test as a joke. i was pregnant. my backache was my only symptom. i was 6 weeks along.

Why do you get backache when pregnant?

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What are some symptoms you feel when you are pregnant?

They are backache, cramps, nausea, your boobs are hard , and there is a discharge sometimes.

Can you get pregnant after hysterectomy i have backache swollan feet?

No, it is not possible for a woman to get pregnant after having a hysterectomy. Without a uterus there is nowhere for the egg to implant or grow.

Backache and pregnancy?

yes...when you are pregnant you will start 2 get backaches...thats just a symptom...something you will get more of...

Where can one find treatments for backache?

One can find treatments for backache from webmd. It provides different treatments for backache depending on the type of backache one is having. It even has therapy for backache.

You have backache brown discharge have missed your period headache and bloated stomach?

You could possibly be pregnant , in the early stages.

You are 5 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing backache and 1 episode of bleeding what should you do?

go and see a doctor

What is a backache?

A backache is an ache or pain present in a person's back.

Immediately after your period you experienced a terrible lower backache could you be pregnant?

visit your local grocery store for your pregnancy test

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