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If you are questioning your relationship and feel down a lot of the time when with your partner is this a sign to end it?

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2016-06-18 08:34:16

Think back on the relationship and make a written list.

What do you think is causing these feelings?

Does your partner feel the same way?

How could you rekindle the relationship?

Sit down with your partner and tell them how you feel.

Communication is key in relationships. Talk to your partner, tell

he/she how you feel and listen to what they have to say and ask how

they feel about the relationship too.

If you both feel the same way then maybe it's time to end the

relationship an just be friends. Just because you two were in a

relationship doesn't mean you can revert to being just friends.

Also think of all the pros and cons of the relationship. If

there are more cons, it's time to end the relationship.

By staying with this person that you don't feel happy around,

you're making the chances of meeting the one your meant to be with

slimmer. You can't stay with someone and expect your true love to

just pop out of nowhere. Go out there and be yourself.

Also, if you're constantly feeling down with this person, you

should just break up. You must feel happy, youthful, and just

yourself when your with a partner, not depressed. That isn't a true

relationship if you feel that way.

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2007-06-15 22:59:14

There are very few reasons to stay in a relationship if your

mate makes you feel more down than up and that's illness of any

sort or they are going through a grieving process from the loss of

a loved one, or they are stressed out at work or over family

problems. Other than that, if someone makes you feel bad all the

time it's time to end the relationship. If you love them then try

communicating your feelings first and if they are unwilling to

listen and no changes are being made then it's time to move on.

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