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If you are receiving a 60K settlement what is the best way to invest it aside from purchasing real estate?

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There is no way to answer this question without having a clear picture of your entire financial situation. You should seek personal assistance from a professional financial consultant, advisor or planner.

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Can you invest in real estate while receiving social security disability benefits?


Did Michael Jackson invest any of his money into real estate?

Besides purchasing the former Encino family compound in the 1980's he was not involved in any real estate investments.

How do you invest in Microsoft?

If you mean how do you invest in the company, you do so by purchasing Microsoft stock.

What is the best investment i can make with my cash structured settlements?

There are several investment options for any investor. If the cash settlement receiver is not afraid of risks the can invest in stocks or real estate.

How can I make a career out of purchasing and reselling real estate?

To make a career out of purchasing and selling real estate you need to first start small. You need some money that you can invest in a house, do any necessary repairs to it or upgrades you think need done and hope you can sell it for a profit so you have more money to start your next project.

What do stock market quitters invest in?

real estate

What gemstone should you invest in now?

None, gemstones are a horrible investment. Invest in real estate instead.

How does one invest in Phoenix real estate?

In order to invest in real estate in Phoenix, one ought to either contact an investor, a local bank or even contact a real estate company that may deal with investments.

Do you need a job to invest in real estate?

No. You need money.

Can you tell me how to invest in gold?

You can invest in gold by purchasing gold thrugh a store or online. You can get some on the following website:

"What are the ""rules"" regarding liquidating part of my 401K to invest in real estate"?

This link will provide all the answers you'll need regarding liquidating your 401k to invest in real estate,

Who said invest in real estate they are not making more of it?

Roy Rogers

Where might one go online to find out how to invest their IRA in real estate?

There are several sites online where one can get advice on how to invest their IRA in real estate. Mtrustcompany, Fidelity, and Investersguide are just a few.

Would it be a good idea to invest in Cleveland real estate?

Cleveland has recently been in the news but it wasn't about investing in real estate. To begin, one could watch the YouTube video 'Real Estate Investment Advice' to get some basic factors to consider about making a wise investment. Beginners Invest and Business Week also are resources to consult in order to determine if it's a good idea to invest in Cleveland real estate.

What are the 6 major reasons to invest into bonds?

Reasons to invest in bonds include receiving semiannual interest and preserving capital investment 勁啊

What are the different places you could invest money?

real estate housings cereals.

What will be visa status of you invest in real estate in us?

Investing in real estate gives you no status. If you are trying to get an investment visa- real estate investments do not count toward that visa.

Where to invest in real estate in India?

I believe right now Kolkata is best option

Where is the best to invest during inflation?

Metals (gold silver) real estate utilities

What is the most important item to have before beginning to invest in real estate?

There several things we watch when we invest in real estate like, Location, Property Valuation, Neighbor etc. But in all for me Property Valuation is very important. It gives you an idea that, where you invest your money is right place or not and also know the actual price of that property.

Where can I learn how to invest in real estate?

The best thing you can do is to talk to people that are sucesssful in real estate. You can also try reading articles online at

Can Muslims invest in mutual funds?

Yes they can but the sharia law of Muslims prohibits them from receiving or paying interest and hence they cannot invest in stocks of companies that do so. there are mutual funds in India that invest only in sharia compliant stocks from the Parsoli mutual fund house. They can invest in them.

Is a real estate license required in order to market real estate investing?

A real estate license is required to be a real estate agent: someone who connects real estate sellers to real estate buyers. To invest in real estate or to teach others to invest in real estate requires no licensing. However, it depends if it a a legal requirement in your country. Several countries require a realtor broker to have an active license to be able to perform real estate marketing. While some just provide or require certificates to realtor agents. You can always check your real estate commission department to know what are the prerequisite in getting a realtor license.

Which is the best real estate companies in Saudi Arabia?

There are many real estate companies in Saudi Arabia. How big a project are you thinking of? By when do you plan to invest in the project?

Where can one find information on how to invest in real estate?

Talking to lawyers and real estate agents is the best way to find information on real estate investing. Find out from the people who deal in it every day.