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Refused travel insuranceIf you have been declined on medical grounds Insurance companies would not be able to find out that you were refused insurance prior to your purchase of other Travel Insurance.

The same is likily if you were declined on moral grounds.

However, should you claim on the insurance things can change. Depending on the nature of the claim and the amount of the claim an investigation by the insurance company might be triggered. In the UK there are databases of every claim made on travel insurance which seek adverse patterns and commonalities eg. same person repeatedly claiming for the same thing - However I do not know where your inquiry stems from and do not know if the same system exists between insurance comapnies in other countries.

On a final note, should the declinantion of cover by an insurance company exist on medical grounds ie. you have a pre-existing medical condition, most insurance companies would care and have there own set of underwriting rules which they would then ask you to comply with (explain the condition and the reletive history of the condition) other aspect of information they would need is the destination, length of trip, age and what you plan on doing at the destination.

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2010-01-20 14:06:00
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Q: If you are refused travel insurance can another company find out that you were refused?
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