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If you are running and doing weights is it better to run first and then do weights to develop muscle or visa versa?

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It's best to run and lift weights at opposite ends of the day. For example, run in the morning and lift weights in the evening. Do whatever you are comfortable with. If you want to develop muscle then train with weights when you have the most energy.

Always do weight training or anaerobic exercises first. By running or working out aerobically first your muscles will not be at maximum capacity when you try to lift your weights, which is very important if you want to get maximum results ASAP.

According to University Profs from University of Alberta, an individual should develop their strength and power base before working on their cardiovascular endurance. * For in-depth information about how to combine cardio exercise and weight training, see the page link, further down this page, listed under "Related Questions."

Inside your muscles you have stored sugars wich are called glycogen, when you weight train or run for example you use this glycogen store as energy. now.... when you run for example it takes about 20 minutes for the human body to deplete these stores of glycogen as energy before it has to then find new sources of energy within the body. more often then not, your body will then tap into your "stored" energy supplies wich is..... you guessed it, FAT, FAT is excess energy wich has been stored around your body for later use, now back to the point, if your weight training and running for weight loss and muscle gain, using for example what ive said above, it would be far more beneficial to weight train before doing a cardio vascular workout because, you are using your bodys glycogen supply BEFORE you start running, this means it will take less time for your body to then tap into other energy systems and deplete them. (body fat for example) and then eventually aiding you in reaching your final goal. do bear in mind however it can also make you far more tired then doing it the other way around for the pure fact that you are depleting such an important energy system before the end of your workout, (ever wonder why your body shakes and feels weak after a hard weight training session? that's because your muscles are runnning low on glycogen "sugar" so that's why glucose power drinks help to replenish depleted supplies!)

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lifting weights isn't really getting much of a cardio workout like running is but your working your muscle groups.

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Lifting weights,is the best way to develop muscles!

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Depends on what your doing weight lifting builds lots of muscle and burns a fair amount of fat but running builds little muscle but make you lose a lot of weight.

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Yes, but it might be better if you did weights for a couple of days, have a break and then do running, or you might pull a muscle.

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it doesnt matter because if your fat, you lose weight and gain muscle with weights and if your skinny, you gain muscle

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