If you are seeing a girl and have fallen in love when do you tell her that you love her and want to be lovers?

It sounds like you are a bit of a romantic and to be honest it's refreshing! When you meet a girl for the first time it's memories that you both make together (fun, talking about different things, expressing your hopes and dreams or even fears) and nature takes care of the rest. "I love you" are 3 words that have been spit upon in this society (talk is cheap, actions speak) and many people can say those words over and over, but truly don't know what they mean and seldom show it to their mate. On the other hand there are some people that truly love another and not only form the words, but their actions speak volumes. Simply holding hands, lending a shoulder for her to cry on, telling her everything is going to be OK and helping where you can IS LOVE! Respect, honesty, good communication skills are things each of us have to learn in order to have a healthy relationship. So when you say the words "I love you" mean it! If you've just met the girl get to know her and when you've been dating for a few months that's the time to tell her you love her. If you tell her right away you may scare her off or she may be so flattered she takes advantage of this and the relationship won't last. "The chase" where two people are attracted to each other is the most exciting part of the relationship (to actually win that person over and go on a steady basis.) If you are steady-dating a girl each couple needs to figure out and communicate when the sexual relationship begins and one shouldn't push the other into it. If a person loves the other they can be patient and wait until the time is right. It's fine to say you love her, but talk about sex openly and see what her views are. Never be ashamed of being open and honest. And only ever have sex if you both want to, it's about both of you, not just one of you!