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IF your name is NOT on the loan as co-signor or signnor, NONE. IF you live in a community property state, check with an attorney for info on that.

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Are you responsible for your husbands unsecured debt?

The spouse is considered to benefit from the debt. Yes, the spouses share responsibility.

In Texas is the wife of a deceased husband responsible for the husbands debt?

She is not directly responsible. The estate is going to be responsible. And since she will likely be getting the bulk of the estate, paying off the debt will reduce her amount.

Can a wife be held responsible for her husbands debt in Missouri?

In most cases, yes, they will be responsible. They are considered to have benefited from the goods and services.

What if your car is about to be repossessed but it gets stolen who is then responsible?

YOU are responsible for the debt that is secured by the "stolen" car. Be sure to make a police report on the 'stolen" car.

Who is responsible for a debt the couple is separated and wife is at the residence and a summons was served to the wife.?

If the couple acquired the debt while they were together, then both of them are responsible. Additionally, the summons will show who is responsible for the debt by naming the individuals who are being sued.

Does a wife have to pay assume responsibility for her husbands debt?

She is not directly responsible. The estate is going to be responsible. And since she will likely be getting the bulk of the estate, paying off the debt will reduce her amount.

What can happen to your debt after your car is repossessed?

Your debt is then written off as the car covers the cost of the debt.

In fl is a wife responsible foir a deceased husbands mortgage debt?

I'm not trying to be funny, but if you were married (legally) to him at the time of death, yes - who else would be responsible for it?

Is a wife responsible for husbands credit card debt after his death with no estate or will?

If the card is in his name, only, there may be an out. You will need to get legal help.

Are you responsible for your deceased husbands debt if there is no estate?

The estate will be responsible, so it would be a good idea to open one. The spouse indirectly will pay, as they cannot inherit until they are resolved.

In Massachusetts is a surviving spouse responsible for deceased husbands credit card debt?

Indirectly. The estate of the deceased husband is responsible for resolving all of his debts. Since the widow is going to be the primary beneficiary of the estate, she will inherit less because the estate has to pay the debt.

Who is responsible for church debt?

who is responsible for baptist church debt

Can an ex wife be responsible for her husbands debt even though it was not in her name but she was the one that caused the debt?

No i don't think so because its in your name. i wont really know but that's what i think any way

Are you responsible for your deceased husbands car payments if your name is not on the title or on the loan?

unless his will states otherwise you inherit all of his property and debt. that includes, loans.

Can you be pursued for your husbands debt?

While the estate has primary responsibility, in most cases the debtors can hold the wife responsible. They are deemed to have benefited from to goods and services.

What happens to husbands credit card debt if he dies?

The deceased's estate is going to be responsible. The spouse can be held as a beneficiary of the costs and by inheriting less from the estate.

What can you do if you and your husband co-signed for a car and you're now divorced and he was responsible for debt but didn't pay and the car was repossessed and sold and now he's threatening to sue?

If the responsibility for the debt belonging to your husband was a part of your documented divorce paperwork, you can basically tell your ex-husband he doesn't have a leg to stand on. If you don't have anything in writing that says your ex-husband, and NOT you, was responsible for the debt, you may be partly responsible financially.

What date is used in cancellation of debt the last payment or when the vehicle was given back?

The debt is not cancelled simply because the vehicle was repossessed. The borrower is still responsible for the existing amount of the loan (if any) after the vehicle has been sold at public auction.

Are you responsible for your husbands debts?

The debts are paid out of the deceased's estate, and this can include things that are jointly owned. Anything entirely in your name is safe. Even if the deceased's assets and joint assets are not enough, you are not responsible for the remaining debt.

How many years are you responsible for a debt?

There is no specific amount of years that you are responsible for a debt. This depends entirely of the terms of the debt.

Who is responsible for marital debt?

Both of the spouses are responsible for the debt. They both benefited from the debt, so they are held responsibility.

Are you responsible for your siblings debt?

You are not responsible for your sibling's debt unless you co-signed and agreed to be responsible for it. If you co-sign for a debt and the primary borrower doesn't pay then you will be held responsible for repayment.

Is a wife responsible for husbands credit card debt?

If they are a cosigner for the debt, yes. Just because they are married doesn't make them automatically liable for the others debt, but it may very well make them responsible for it. Why is this? Because when you are in a boat sitting on opposite ends, when Evan a small ripple or change in weight can topple the boat. Sit in the middle, and co-ordinate your efforts...

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