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Starving oneself if pure suicide! Get on a good diet like the "South Beach Diet" or "Weight Watchers." I like Weight Watchers because instead of a diet it's training you to eat properly and it frees you up where you can still go out with friends and have a good time over lunch realizing what foods are good for you and what aren't. 8 - 8 ounce glasses of water every day flushes out toxins and fats in your body and exercise is important. We all need protein found in meats, poultry, fish, cheese, some dairy products and of course beans are a good source of protein so make up some Chili or bean soups or have wraps full of beans and perhaps chicken in it. Fruits are great and although you should have about 2 small bananas a day (high in potassium and good for PMS) they are high in sugar as are grapes. Stick with those 2 small bananas, melons, apples, Oranges, etc. Get some dairy products in you (low in fat) and eat 3 1/2 ounces of protein at each meal. Learn to make stir-frys mixed with veggies that can be a choice of chicken, beef, prawns, shrimp, etc. The same goes for salads ... lots of veggies and you can add a hard boiled egg and put shrimp in with it. Grains are also good for you and great for the colon help your digestive system (waste products of your body) and keep low on yeast. Multi-grained breads are just fine, but don't eat buns, white bread, cakes, candy, etc. Learn to have what I call a "piggy night" and go out with your friends and do what you use to do as far as eating (having a couple of drinks perhaps) or sitting and watching a movie and buy natural chips with low-fat dips. Then go back on your diet.

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Can you lose weight on a starvation diet?

Yes, you definitely can. But if you continually starve yourself your body will store it's own fat on you because it's starving. It's very unhealthy. Not a good way to go. You can lose the weight but it wont stay off.

If you starve your self for a week how much weight will you lose?

It depends I mean starving you're self alone wont lose that much weight but exersing will and whiel you're starving you're self eat a fruit or somthing thats what I did. I lost a bunch of weight

I a 240 and im 17 years old I am on my first day of starving myself what should I expect?

You wont notice any changes, starving yourself doesnt work, if anything you put on more weight. I have tried it before and after 2 days I felt ill, I weighed myself and hadnt lost any weight atall. You would be much better to eat healthily for a few weeks & excersise daily, that is when you will notice changes. Starving yourself is really stupid, you need food for vitamins, energy etc, it doesnt just contain fat !

If you don't eat for 27 days how much weight can you lose?

well you'll go through hell for the first 5 days and wont lose any weight. Then youll start to lose weight but not as good as if you diet or just drink water. By just drinking water for 10 days its the same as starving yourself for 20. however i dont recomend it. its not good for you and you could hurt yourself.

How much weight will you lose if you drink a gallon of water every day?

you wont lose weight unless you exercise or stop eating certain foods

Why wont your 2 stroke mower start?

starving for fuel

If you starve yourself and lose weight will your stomach be flabby?

Certainly wont be the tight hip stomach you are looking for, no.

Will you lose weight by starving yourself for two months?

Yes, you will lose weight. i know from experience and have been trying to do the same. dont starve yourself though. take smaller preporsions of food and less amounts. skip maybe one meal a day but not all and eat less. be sure to drink enough water and make sure you doing the toilet regularly. If your stomach aches ' it is at your will to do what you want. for me, i desperately want to lose weight, so i choose to not eat. maybe you might do the same or have a small snack but know your risking weight loss. many people say starving yourself is not good and it can damage the body. note the word: CAN. its true but at a very low percentage and many other people have sucessfully lost weight by eating less not nesseccerily starving themselves. for others, this doesnt work and it only helps them out on weight, for some they lose weight then once start eating normally gain their original weight (much like me). but finally, answering this question. yes you can loost weight but you can easily harm yourself or gain weight too. NO, you wont die. many people fast for religious reasons for over 2 months and they dont die, they come out of it feeling happy and proud, sometimes sick, and sometimes have gained or lost weight. you have to remember every body is different and it comes in your genes to be plump and short or tall and skinny. its not your fault. but, my advice is if you want to loose weight' eat less or even starve yourself (at your own risk). its your choice and its your body. do as you wish with it. Goodluck!

Why wont car stay running sounds like its starving for gas?

Maybe your fuel pump is broke.

What is bad about Weight Watchers?

THE BAD THING ABOUT WEIGHT WATCHERS IS because you can not eat something that you fancy like pizza you wont be able to eat it because it is not a healthy food becuase you can only eat healthy foods when you are on weightwatchers

How much weight will you lose if you don't eat for three days?

Not sure on the exact amount but all that you will be losing is water weight and as soon as you eat your body will store everything that you put into your body as fat because it will think that it wont get food for another 3 days or so crash diets never work and neither does starving yourself go on a good diet combined with exercise and you will get results that last and are healthy for your body good luck and God Bless!!!

I can't put on weight?

just eating fatty foods wont help you, try eating a high carb diet including lots of bread and pasta and other similar items

How much should a 11-yr-old girl weigh?

they should be around 76-85 u shouldn't worry about your weight tho just have fun and eat the right foods and u wont have to worry about Ur weight

What foods can you eat without worrying about gaining weight when you're starving yourself?

Fruits and Vegetables. Don't overdo heavier calorie ones like Avocados and Bananas, though. But technically, if you eat anything while you're "Starving" yourself, you're not truly starving yourself. Starvation is a stupid idea anyway, for whatever reason.Answerif you starve yourself and succeed at losing weight by doing it you probably wont ever have normal and healthy eating habits for the rest of your life, and you won't look good, you'll waste away but if you do want to.. some good things to eat is stuff like sugar free gum, crystal lite, soup is also good, chicken noodle because theres not much fat or carbs in it and its good to drink 64 oz of water a day to help lose weight, and green tea at like 8 pm or so melts away fat, but not a lot, and 1 shot apple cider vinegar every night after your done eating helps digest fat and break down fat, resulting in more fat loss, at a faster rate, good luck. AnswerAttempting starvation for whatever reason is INCREDABLY unhealthy. I HIGHLY recommend talking to a famiy member or friend you trust, and getting some help. This sounds like a pretty severe body image/ eating disorder.

Is Whole foods in El Segundo open Christmas day?

no the whole foods in el segndo wont be open on xmas

How can a 13 year old boy get abs over summer vak that weight 138lb you don't wont to take your shirt of in pe and you wont to show of for girls you wont a good exercise plz and where to get some pics?

Just do 30 crunches in the morning and night, that will probably help but of course eat right and be confident in yourself.

Should supplements be taken daily and will they cause any side effects?

It depends what type of supplement your taking. Some supplements are actual hidden laxatives, and therefore they make you loose weight by basically starving yourself. The good supplements are the ones that are high in vitamins and minerals, so that your body feels energized and is getting the right nutrients it needs, therefore it wont crave as much food to fill in the gaps.

Can cutting yourself make you dizzy?

no cutting yourself wont make you dizzy but it can cause internal bleeding

Why wont your hair grow?

Because you touch yourself at night.

You can get your 86 fiero to start but it wont stay running?

Check the fuel pressure on the Fiero to start with. It sounds like it could be starving for fuel.

Is it wrong not to be able to express yourself to your partner?

It is right to express yourself to your partner if you or your partner wont express yourself it isn't a honest relationship

Can you have cold foods when you have a cold?

Its up to you it really wont affect you too much.

How many pounds will you lose if you make yourself throw up for a month?

U wont lose much weight cuz all ur doing is losing energy and not calories. You need to exercise to lose weight and plus if u do this u might even get a disease

What do you do if your betta wont even put his food in its mouth?

eat it yourself

Does rice help you to lose weight?

rice wont help