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No. 18 means you are legally responsible for yourself. Public schools have no impact.

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Q: If you are still in public school when you turn 18 do your parents still have legal rights over you?
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What are some issues in the legal rights of school districts?

The biggest issue in the legal rights of most school districts is the level of taxation imposed on the general public. The taxation issue is always in dispute in most school districts.

What is the purpose of the HSLDA organization?

The HSLDA, or Home School Legal Defence Association, to defend the legal rights of American parents to home school their children. They also promote this activity.

What rights do the parents have if grandparents have sole and legal custody in Virginia Is there a law where they have to attend meetings at school?

No, parents who have given up their parental rights do not have to attend meetings in school. If your parents have asked you to do this it's probably because they want you to be more involved in your children's lives.

Does your parents have no legal rights to give you pocket money?

Your parents have no legal obligation to give you pocket money.

Do parents have legal rights over a child who is eightteen?


Is it legal to have school prayer?

No. Not in public school at least.

Do step parents have rights if 17 year old moves out?

No, step parents do not have any legal rights to the kids.

Do parents have legal rights over a child who is 17 and still in school in Missouri?

Until a child turns the legal age of eighteen, the parent retains full custody and rights unless otherwise mandated by the courts.

Is photographing in a public school legal?

I'm sure it is legal in most, if not all, public schools.

Do parents have legal rights over nineteen year old?


When you turn 18 don't you have more legal rights to your biological brother than your adoptive parents do?

No. Even if they are not his biological parents they still have a parents rights which is more then a siblings rights.

What are the legal rights of children to stay with step parents vs bio parents?


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