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Temporary, based on possession.

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Q: If you are still married can you get custody of your daughter?
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Are Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise still married?

They are still married, but Katie is filing for divorce and custody of their daughter Suri.

What happens if you get married to an American man and you want to bring your daughter to live with you?

that depends on if the mother has custody over her daughter or not. It also depends on how old the daughter is. If she is under the legal age limit, then the mother is still responsible and makes all decisions for her. If the mother does not have full custody over the daughter, then the mother and the father of that child must come to an agreement on the living whereabouts of the daughter. If the mother has legal custody over the daughter and the daughter is not of legal age yet, then yes, the mother can bring the daughter over too.

Can a mother keep a child away from the father if they are still married?

No, if they are married they have equal custody.

Can your daughter get married on virtual familys?

Your daughter can get married after the parents die......but during the time when the daughter is still in her parents house she can not.

Could you still be under states custody if i'm 17 pregnant and married?

When married you are emancipated so no.

If your wife leaves the state with your child is it kidnapping if you are still married?

If you are still married, then no it is not a crime. She can take your children anywhere as long as there are no court orders defining custody, which is not likely if you are still married.

Is Lyssa Chapman Dogs daughter still married?


Can you get sole custody if your spouse still legally married has moved out of state?

Most states lean toward Joint Legal Custody with primary residential custody

How can you get custody for your daughter if her mother is married?

You have to be established, legally, as her biological father so if you have not done that do that first. Have DNA tests done if needed. Then you can apply for custody or visitation rights.

What if your daughter is pregnant at 16 you have legal custody of her is it legal for her leave home now?

No, she is still a child.

Can a 19 year old married woman still be in custody of cps?

No. At 19 you are legally an adult whether married or not.

Who ha s custody of Eminem's daughter?

Eminem has custody of his daughter and also his niece- his ex-wife's sister's daughter.

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