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The only way to be sure is to make the payments. Even if the court orders your ex-husband to make the payments, that doesn't mean that he will.

You should consider getting some other credit going on your own now, while you still have good credit. This will help if you have to re-build your credit on your own.

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Q: If you are the co-buyer on a vehicle with your spouse and you are considering a divorce what can you do to protect your credit?
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Does the buyer have to be at the trade of a vehicle when cobuyer trades?


If the cobuyer of a vehicle that was repossessed is going to reclaim the vehicle how does he get a clear Texas title without the other's name on it?

Make the idea known to the lender BEFORE you proceed. get it claer what is to happen.

How does a fuse protect equiptment?

The fuse if not there to protect the equipment. It is there to protect the wiring in the vehicle from overheating and catching on fire.

How do you get a co-buyer off of a car loan if they are in default?

You don't. If the cobuyer has possession of the vehicle and is no longer making payments, you as the buyer may take possession and either take up and make current the payments, or voluntarily surrender the vehicle. Failure to do so will result in repossession, and will adversely affect your credit.

What is the function of frame in automobile?

to give proper designing to a vehicle and to protect vehicle from sudden imapact.

What is the purpose of insuring a vehicle?

The purpose of insuring a vehicle is to protect yourself incase of any accident you may be involved in. Having insurance will protect you in the long run and stop you having to fork out a substantial amount of money in bills and repairs. Also having insurance will protect you if your vehicle is stolen.

If a husband and wife divorce can the wife get the vehicle if the husband and mother are listed as the title holder?


Can a spouse in the middle of a divorce report a vehicle stolen if it's not registered to them?

Yes, you can and should.

if getting a divorce and you have two vehicles in your name and the other spouse want get the vehicle in their name can you legally sell it before the divorce?

No, you cannot sell it until the divorce is finalized. Otherwise, you are illegally disposing of community property.

Does the 3rd amendment protect you from motor vehicle tickets?

Of course not.

What is the theft system for?

To protect your valuables. For example: A vehicle has a theft system so it alarms you when someone is breaking into your vehicle

When your exwife drives a car that is in your name and refuses to change the ownership what are your liabilities?

Check your divorce papers first. If you file a report claiming that the vehicle is stolen, you yourself can get in trouble. Your divorce papers should state who was awarded what property. If that particular vehicle is in it, listed as hers, then she must change ownership. Unless is is financed still. In either case, your best bet is to check with your attorney and have your divorce decree with you and any or all settlement agreements. If the vehicle was awarded to your ex in the papers, you can petition the courts in your state/county to force her to change ownership and get her for contempt. If the vehicle is not in the divorce papers, use the courts to get the vehicle back. It makes you look better if it turns into a legal battle.

In Florida if your divorce decree states that each party gets a vehicle but one party allows a vehicle to be repossessed how does the other party get their name taken off the loan?

you don't. you get the vehicle and the payments.

During a divorce can the spouse go out and buy a new vehicle?

Yes if he has any money left

What if a vehicle is not removed by the time a divorce decree says to remove it?

Then the person who was ordered to remove it is in contempt.

If your ex-husband and you agreed that you would keep the new vehicle and his name off the loan will a creditor do this with a divorce decree?

No. A divorce decree has no legal status when it pertains to the lender's agreement. The party that wishes to keep the vehicle will need to refinance it in their name only.

Can a creditor seize a vehicle that is owned free and clear for payment of a civil judgment?

Yes, if the debtor's state vehicle exemption does not protect the vehicle from seizure and sale.

Is there a fuelpumpfuse?

If the vehicle has an electric fuel pump, it has a fuse to protect the circuit.

Why are the wheels of vehicle provided with mudgards?

To help protect the vehicle and other vehicles behind you from flying mud and small stones.

If an ex wife has a vehicle via divorce decree she never titles the vehicle a year and a half goes by The ex husband dies and leaves all vehicles to his children who gets the vehicle?

The ex-wife has the car. His estate has no rights in the vehicle.

As the registered owner of a vehicle with insurance what happens if your son is involved in an accident with your vehicle if he lives with his mother and is listed on her policy?

I am an Insurance Broker - dependant upon where you live, your son's accident will be covered, either by your policy (considering you have adequate coverage, or his mother's, considering her coverage) Here in Canada, no-fault allows our own insurer to cover the vehicle, no matter the driver.

If you were awarded your vehicle in a divorce and your spouse will not return it can you report it stolen?

No you wil have to ge a court order to recover it.

Auto loans and financing?

I want to purchase a new vehicle. The vehicle I currently have I was awarded by a judge in divorce court, however the vehicle is not in my name. Can I trade this vehicle with my ex's permission to sign off and put it towards my new vehicle that will be in my name? I make the payments and still owe money on it.

What to look for when considering buying a vehicle?

You'll always want to look at the mileage of a vehicle before purchasing it. Also, it good to know how many previous owners the vehicle had. Most importantly, always run a carfax to ensure nothing serious happened with the vehicle.

What do seat belts do besides protect you from injury?

They prevent you from being ejected from the vehicle.