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Check with a locall attorney to be sure, but I'd say YES. I am NOT an attorney. Go to the link below for more reading.


There are currently nine states which offer Community Property status. These states are: Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. The "marital property act" defined Wisconsin as a community-property state, but individual circumstances will dictate how this act is interpreted.

The property laws in these nine states look at property purchased during a marriage as community property and both husband and wife have an equal right to possess the property during their marriage.

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Can you be on title but not on the loan?

car is in wifes and my name, she got a title loan unknowingly from the husband. She defaulted, can they take the car from the husband?

Can husband change title from both names to just his name?

No. If the wife is also on the deed to the premises she would need to voluntarily transfer her interest to her husband by executing a quitclaim deed.No. If the wife is also on the deed to the premises she would need to voluntarily transfer her interest to her husband by executing a quitclaim deed.No. If the wife is also on the deed to the premises she would need to voluntarily transfer her interest to her husband by executing a quitclaim deed.No. If the wife is also on the deed to the premises she would need to voluntarily transfer her interest to her husband by executing a quitclaim deed.

Can a divorce decree be reversed?

You bet it can, it happened to my husband here in good ole Texas. Even after she defaulted. Imagine that!!

If a woman is here illegally and her husband was deported can she be deported voluntarily?

Yess she can be deported , whether voluntarily is another point. It depends where 'here' is and what her nationalality is, and the rules and regulations of 'here'.

Your husband defaulted on his vehicle loan How will it affect your credit report?

if you co-signed on the loan then your credit will be impacted negativly just as his

What happens to a business contract signed by husband with dementia in wife's company name?

Unless there is some reason why the husband has authority to sign on behalf of the company, it would be void.Added: IF the husband was legally authorized to sign such a contract, the husband would have to be legallydeclared to have been mentally incompetent at the time that he signed it. Only then could the contract be declared null and void.

Can my husband live with me if on section 8?

as long as you include him on the contract your husband can live with you in section 8 but if he is not included then no

What is a Vivaha?

A legal and acceptable contract to become a husband and wife, marriage.

No consideration no contract?

I would say, that in a Community Property Sate( such as Az.), that both ,husband& wife WOLUD have to sign any contract , to lease or purchase,for that contract to be valid.

How much notice does a wife have to give to kick her husband out if he is not on the lease?

Depends on the state and their marital status. In some states being married forms implied contracts and If a wife enters into a contract which would more likely than not effect the husband, the husband is included as a party to the contract.

Can the courts make a wife testify against her husband?

No, she cannot be forced to do so by legal means, but she may do so voluntarily if she wishes.

My husband and my names are on a Home Improvement Contract. Do we both have to sign it for it to be legal ?

I'm not sure about ILL. but in VA both signatures have to be on contract. Call a lawyer

Your husband died and you missed 2 payments can they repossess your bulldozer I have been trying to straighten everything he died at 43 and they have called with no compassion threatening repossession?

Yes they can still take the vehicle. I work for a repossession agency and I know that it sounds cruel, but the car does not belong to you until it is payed off. So by me saying that I am letting you know that your husband technically did not own the car yet and the loan has been in default so they can come repossess their collateral.

What if you dont payoff a loan that was your deceased husband?

depends on how the loan contract was made see a lawyer

Is husband responsible for wifes medical bills in Florida?

No unless his name is on any debt or contract.

What rights does the wife have in the event of a divorce if the husband has signed a purchase agreement to buy a house in Iowa but changed his mind?

If both parties signed the contract then both are responsible. Have the contract reviewed by your attorney and try to negotiate a settlement with the sellers and with your husband through his attorney.

If someone cosigned a car loan for her husband and he couldn't pay and filed bankruptcy and she couldn't pay either would she have to file bankruptcy?

well if your husband is in bankruptcy they are not allowed to repossess the car as long as he is the one in possession of the vehicle, if they do repossess the vehicle you will have a pretty good lawsuit to hand them, if the car is repossessed or actually when , it will show up on both of your credit. so I have a website to help you www.stoptheREPOMAN.com we have repossession consultants that can help with your situation I STRONGLY RECCOMED YOU TRY IT.

Can you sue husband for STD?

Whether or not you can sue your husband for an STD depends greatly on where you live. If you get an STD from your spouse, you can sue for negligence, emotional distress, battery, and breach of contract.

What contract should be signed before moving in with boyfriend?

In some countries there should be a legal partnership contract. (Unless your married, in which case, he's your husband). In some countries there are no laws regulating any contract at all. Check with your lawyer.

Why did Michelle Obama voluntarily resign from the bar?

Like her husband did when he chose to stop being an attorney and concentrate on politics, Mrs. Obama chose to leave the legal profession voluntarily. (Reports that she was forced out or that her law license was taken from her are false.) Mrs. Obama decided the focus of her life was going to be helping her husband with his campaign, as well as taking on a number of charitable causes. So she voluntarily let her law license expire. She is still a member in good standing, however, and if she ever decides to be an attorney again, she can simply follow the procedures to renew it.

Can Sallie Mae garnish your new husband's wages or taxes on two student loans that you cosigned with your ex-husband - which are now in default?

I have 7 years experience in Defaulted student loans and can not definitively answer this question. My professional opinion is no, but I suggest you call the Dept. of Ed. at 1-800-4Fed-Aid. If they can't give you a definitive answer, then contact the Dept. of Ed. Ohmbudsman's office. If you want your name off of the defaulted student loans, have your ex-husband consolidate the defaulted loans in only his name. You will then be off the hook. It is tough to get defaulted student loans consolidated through a new federal lender these days. One company that I'm sure can help is Default Management Services, Inc. They are the cheapest I have seen and give a 100% money back guarantee on their services. You can Google the company name to get the phone #. Ask for Doug.

If a husband wife are named on a lease and the wife is the only one to sign the lease is the husband obligated to the contract?

In general, states limit the right of a plaintiff to enforce a contract for real property rights (including a lease), unless there is a document signed by the defendant. Your particular state may interpret a lease as a contract that could be enforced if the husband actually acted as if there were a lease, even if he didn't personally sign it, but there could be complicated issues of fact and evidence worth discussing with an attorney.

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