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Yes, they can. It might vary by state and insurance company, but if your parents insure it, and put you as a secondary driver, and one of them as a primary, it is legal. The problem is usually the insurance company will charge the premium based on the highest step (or highest risk) driver on the policy. If that includes you, then it might cost the same, or very close to the same, as if you insured it yourself. I would say check with your insurance company and find out.

Actually I completely disagree. What you are asking is if it's ok to commit insurance fraud and it is not ok to do this. Every time someone cheats on their insurance premium it raises the rates for others. Shame! There is nothing wrong with shopping around for the best premium but don't lie about the usage of a vehicle.

They are not committing fraud they are listing him as a driver!!!!

Assuming that this a youthful driver there is usually more than one classification for a driver. Principal and Occasional and each have different premiums. If you are trying to hide how much usage a vehicle will get by a youthful driver that is insurance fraud. If this is a case of an older adult who wants to save money by adding their car to the parents policy then it is up to the rules of the insurance company as to whether or not a particular vehicle can be on a policy. Any time anyone lies or provides inaccurate information for the purpose of getting a lower insurance premium that is insurance fraud.

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Q: If you are the owner of a car can your parents insure it and put you as secondary driver to save money?
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There are companies who will insure you (high risk) but I suggest that you have a VERY good job to pay the premiums being a young, new, and untrained driver! Get your driver training certificate and you will save money. Just start calling Brokerages to find out what company will take you. Now is the car you are trying to insure your parents own? In that case, unless they ok it, you can not be covered.

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