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What are the pros and cons of a Democratic National Primary instead of primaries held in separate states?

There are many pros and cons to having a Democratic National Primary, instead of primaries held in separate states. The positive thing about a national primary is that it allows everyone in the country to feel like they are having a say in their party's future. The bad thing about it is that the primary does not address issues specific to each state, which leaves some people feeling neglected politically.

If parents are divorced which insurance is primary?

I think the wife's insurance is primary.

How do you change your yahoo email address name?

It is not possible to change Yahoo ID or primary email address. Instead of changing yahoo id you can try below options 1. Create an extra email address - a second email address available with your existing Yahoo account. 2. Create an alias - an extension of your Yahoo account that hides your primary ID. 3. Create a new Yahoo account.

Does the insurance company have to change the principle place of garaging vehicle if college student wants to take a car to the dorm at a school in the same state?

Usually not. Your kid, while still in school, will probably consider your home his primary residence. Generally, insurance companies do, too. In your case, in particular, being in the same state makes it highly unlikely that your carrier will base your rates on two separate residences. The above answer is incorrect, the majority of insurance companies will rate the Kid at the address of the school if in the same State as the parents. It is'nt based on where the kid thinks his primary residence is. If the kid is going to be going to school -out of state- then the insurance company will use the parents address as the rating address

Can someone answer the question How do you change your primary email address on yahoo?

Your primary email address in yahoo is your yahoo username and that cannot be changed.

Do the decedent's parents have a right to take over their sons burial instead of his children?

No. The spouse and children have the primary right. The grandparents may step in if there is no spouse and the children are minors.

Who are the primary educators of children?

Parents or guardians are the primary educators of (most) children

What is a wide-open primary?

a wide open primary. is when they remove the primary cover .and they put a belt instead of the chain.

What is Tom Brady's primary address?


What is a primary substance that cannot be divided into separate substances?


How can you separate the primary colors from purple ink?

You can use Chromatography.

Is it possible to pass a portion of an array to a function?

Yes. Since passing arrays is a special use of call by reference, simply pass the address of the sub array instead of the primary array. int a[10] = { ... }; myfunction (a); // pass the first element's address myfunction (&(a[3]); // pass the fourth element's address

The two separate elections held in most states are?

Primary and general

Do you have to have the same address as what says on your license to get insurance?

You need to use the address on your registration, not license. Whether the address on your license has to be the one on your registration is another question. I believe you are allowed to list one address as your "primary residence" and another as a "secondary." However, if you've moved away from that address (as opposed to perhaps having gone away from school, leaving parents behind there), it's fraud to continue using that address for insurance.

If both parents are born in the same month does the day of birth determine which plan is primary?

If both parents are born in the same month, the day of birth can determine which plan is primary. Most often, the parents will choose which plan will be primary for their family rather than allow it to be chosen by date.

What does overkill on cod mw reflex do?

it means you can have 2 primary weps instead of 1 primary and 1 secondary

What is a primary IP address?

Primary IP is provided by the service provider to the user. you can see your primary IP on your system by typing My IP on any browser.

What is a Primary Address?

Your first address where you live. Its current and your main one. Secondary, compared to it as your second house.

Can you forcefully kick someone off your ps4 so you can set your account as the primary again instead of a 2nd ps4 being the primary?

The best way to kick someone off your PS4 so you can set your account as the primary again is to close the other user account. You can then make your own account the primary instead of the 2nd PS4 being the primary.

What does overkill do in Call of Duty World at War?

It allows you to have two primary weapons online instead of having a primary, then a pistol.

If you are 16 and want to get married do you need both parents' permission or only the one with primary custody?

Yes, Primary is all that is required if Parents are Divorced and custudy is in one or the other parent.

What did the research by Kohn suggest as being the primary influence upon parents that they emphasized how they reared their children?

parents occupation

How do you separate primary and secondary answers for the great fire of London?

By inventing a tertiary alternative

What does Correo electrΓ³nico principal mean in English?

Primary email address.

What is the address of Ings Primary School?

The Ings Primary School is located in the United Kingdom. The school's address is Ings Road, Kingston upon Hull, HU8 OSL. The telephone number is 01482 374367.