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The extra driver needs to be added onto the insurance policy. Having someone drive a vehicle and not having them on the policy can be a large problem if an accident were to happen.

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Q: If you are the primary insured driver of a leased vehicle what additional coverage do you need for one extra driver?
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If your insured with one company and you drive another vehicle that's insured by another company and you get into an accident wich insurance company pays for it?

The Owners Vehicle Policy offers primary first pay coverage. Any policy carried by the driver would invoke as secondary coverage.

If you buy a new car on a weekend is your new car insured if you have insurance on the old one?

Replacement or Additional VehicleGenerally, if the vehicle replaces another vehicle already insured, it will have the same coverage as the one being replaced. However, for comp or collision to continue, you must notify the carrier/insurer within 30 days of acquiring the vehicle. If it is an ADDITIONAL vehicle (not replacing one already shown on the declarations page), you will automatically receive the broadest coverage currently on the policy for any vehicle listed in the declarations page. NOTE that that means if you have insured only vehicles that are older, with no outstanding loans, and you carry only Liability coverages for that vehicle, that is the only coverage this newer vehicle will have. The obvious problem with that is if you are in an accident and the new vehicle is damaged before you can contact your insurance company, there will be NO COVERAGE for the damages TO THIS NEW VEHICLE. MOST auto policies provide coverage for a 'new' (additional) or 'replacement' auto, when you already have the same coverage for the prior car. For example: Let's say I own a 2003 Honda. I purchase a 2006 Toyota on a Saturday afternoon, or for that matter, on a Wednesday morning. If I trade it in, the 'new' car will automatically have the same coverage as the vehicle I traded in, for up to 30 days.

What does collision coverage What does collision coverage?

In automobile insurance, collision coverage provides for repairing a vehicle when it is damaged due to the fault of the insured. Liability insurance provides for cost of repair of the OTHER vehicle if you damaged it.

In a Full Coverage Vehicle insurance policy what is the collision coverage?

The collision coverage specifically covers the repairs to your vehicle, regardless of fault. If you are at fault for instance, your car would be repaired, but you would be responsible for the deductible cost. If you were NOT at fault, your repairs would be covered fully, and at no additional cost of the deductible.Answer: {| |- | A means of protecting your auto from damage stemming from an accident between the insured and another vehicle and/or object.|}

What is hired auto physical damage coverage?

This is coverage that would provide insurance to pay for damage to a vehicle for a vehicle that you rent or use for some reason. This is often an endorsement that you have added to your policy in order to provide this type of coverage. Normally it is done on a commercial policy. The normal endorsement in a commercial setting is called "hired and non-owned coverage" endorsement. The endorsement provides coverage for a rental car or in a situation like if your secretary runs an errand for you and has an accident of some kind. This would provide coverage for the named insured only and not as primary coverage for the other party. The person who owns the car will provide the primary coverage but the endorsement will be secondary.

Can your son drive your car if it is only registered and insured in your name in Arizona?

Yes. Insurance follows the car not the operator. If your son has insurance, you and your vehicles' insurance would be primary (if he were operating your vehicle), and his would be excess if your coverage is exhausted.

Is there a way to suspend coverage on a vehicle that will not be used for a period of time but still keep it insured and reactivate the coverage when you want to drive it?

This is a contradiction: To "keep it insured" is to keep the coverage, not to suspend it. I think you are talking about a storage waiver, which is something a lienholder would be able to discuss with you. If you have a loan on the vehicle, the lender obviously requires you to keep the vehicle insured. If you STORE the vehicle, however, the lender can or may issue a 'storage waiver', allowing you to discontinue coverage for the time the vehicle is in storage. They set the terms and you must talk to your lender first to determine the requirements of the waiver. If you do NOT have a lien on the vehicle, no outstanding loan, then you only need to carry liability coverages. If you intend not to drive it for a period of time, you can cancel the liability coverage for the time the vehicle is in storage/not being driven. For your own security, however, you should be absolutely certain no one else has access to the vehicle during that 'storage' time.

What happens if an uninsured driver borrows your insured car and gets in an accident?

Depends on the state laws. Typically driver insurance coverage is extended to any driver of the vehicle insured. Insurance covers the vehicle and any legally licensed driver with permission to operate the vehicle.

My son owns a car that is not insured. can I purchace liability insurance for that car and drive it legal?

In most states insuring a family members vehicle is acceptable. If it is not in your state then the vehicle can be insured in the sons name with you as an additional driver.

How is a theft of a vehicle work when there are two insurance policies?

The policy with the broadest scope of coverage is primary. The other policy with less coverage would be considered secondary and does not invoke until or unless the coverage from the primary policy is exhausted.

Is it legal for an insured secondary driver to drive a car owned by a deceased primary driver?

Were they a named insured in the Household? By most companies, if you are rated in the household, you may drive any vehicle in HH. Yes, coverage should still apply to the vehicle however I would try to get the title of the car changed out of the name of the deceased party's name as soon as possible.

Does a new vehicle need to be insured with a company in the state where it was purchased?

A car must be insured by a company authorized to write policies in the state where the owner or primary operator resides.

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