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Although my husband is not a legal professional, he is a full-time real-estate professional. He said that in his opinion, a loan on a vehicle is a mortagage, and you can't mortgage property that belongs to another - thus to get a loan on a vehicle the title and registration must be in your name. The only accurate answer would most likely have to come from an attorney. States establish laws concerning the titling and ownership of motor vehicles. It is possible in most states to have a vehicle titled to a person who is not a part of the lending agreement. However, the lender will remain on the title as a lien holder until the contract is paid in full. Titling the vehicle to another person will not prevent the vehicle from repossession action if the lending agreement is defaulted. In addition, in all states the person who holds the title to real property is considered the rightful owner (with the exception of lien placements). Therefore, the borrower could be responsible for the debt but not have the use of the vehicle until (unless) the court ruled otherwise. MY EX IS THE SOLE BORROWER ON A VEHICLE LOAN AND THE VEHICLE IS TITLED IN MY NAME. I'M TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW I CAN GET THE VEHICLE TITLED IN HIS NAME INSTEAD SEEING THAT WE ARE NO LONGER TOGETHER. SO YES IS THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION. YOU JUST HAVE TO SIGN A PAPER SAYING IT'S OKAY FOR THE LOAN BORROWER TO USE YOUR VEHICLE AS COLLATERAL AND THEY TRANSFER THE TITLE TO YOU INSTEAD OF THEM.

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Q: If you are the sole borrower on a vehicle loan can the vehicle be titled in another person's name?
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Can a car be titled and registered in one persons name and insured in another in nys?




Can a vehicle that has been titled under a business be sold as new if it only has 400 miles?

No - it is a used vehicle It has Already been titled

When adding another car to insurance should it be titled in child's name?

Never title a vehicle in the name of a child. If it is titled in the name of a child, and you decide to sell it or trade it in, you cannot because the child cannot legally sign a document until they reach the age of majority. There is no reason to do this anyway.

Can a person own a car but be insured under another person's policy?

For a car to be covered, the policy must be issued in the name of the titled owner of the vehicle. No one else has an insurable interest in the vehicle.

How do you remove a name from house title deeds after a persons death?

After a persons death, the deed and a copy of the death certificate can be used to change the title if it was titled as "or". If the deed is titled as "and" it may be necessary to execute the will beofre changing the deed.

Can a Florida certificate of destruction vehicle be titled in Pennsylvania?

No Try Kentucky

Can a creditor place a lien on a financed vehicle?

In most states it is possible for the action depending on the exemption status of the vehicle and how it is titled.

If you have a clear title on a vehicle do you have to register the vehicle before you sell it?

As long as it is titled in your name, you can sell it without it being registered.

What song from the 80's has the words what are words for?

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How do you import vehicle from US to Canada?

drive it across the border, have it inspected and titled there.

Can a dealer in Kentucky sell a salvage titled vehicle that hasn't had airbags replaced?


What is the difference between a borrower and co-borrower on a mortgage?

Nothing, they are equally responsible for the debt. Whether they each own equal shares of the property depends on if they are married; if they're not ownerhip is determined by how the property is titled. Basically what makes one person a borrower and the other a co-borrower is one simple factor, money. Whoever makes more money will in most cases always be the main borrower, regardless of credit scores. Like the person above said, both people are just as responsible.

If both names are on the car registration can the wife take it?

It depends upon the laws of the state of residency. When a vehicle is titled to two persons it is worded in two ways; if the names are separated by the word "and" both parties must agree on the disposition of ownership or request the court to do so; if the names are separated by the word "or" then either party can take whatever action they choose concerning the vehicle. It is generally presumed that the party who is in possession of a vehicle that is titled using the word "or" retains possession unless a court rules otherwise.

Why does The Bill Of Rights not protect the legal titled and registered automobile owner against seizure?

The 4th amendment does extend to automobiles. No Police Officer or Government official may seize any property from a persons property unless you're under arrest for a crime involving that said vehicle or they have a warrant for that said vehicle.

If dealer unwind a vehicle with one hundred and forty nine miles on it should that vehicle be sold as used in nc?

The vehicle can be sold as new as long as it has not been titled.

Can you add a vehicle to your insurance if it is not titled in your name in Texas?

Call your agent, there are some cases where you can.

If the title has two names but is not separated by AND or OR then which is the primary owner or are they both equal owners of the vehicle?

If there is no specific designation on the vehicle title the default laws of the state in which the vehicle is titled will apply.

Is a law enforcement vehicle considered a commercial vehicle?

No. A commercial vehicle is defined as a motor vehicle used for public transportation or cargo transportation. Generally, A vehicle is designated "commercial" when it is titled or registered to a company. A taxi cab is a commercial vehicle. A police car is not.

Can a vehicle with a certificate of destruction be titled and driven?

In many states, a slavage vehicle can be inspected and receive a "salvage title". If you ever want to sell the vehicle you'll have to disclose the salvage title.

What is the auto sales tax rate in Will County Illinois?

If you purchase from a Will County dealer, the rate, as of May 2009, is 7%, unless the vehicle will be titled and registered to a Chicago address, in which case another 1.25% is added for Chicago home rule tax, for a total of 8.25%. If the vehicle will be titled and registered to an out of state address, the dealer may or may not have to collect any sales tax. The basic rate for private party transactions is 7%, depending on the age and value of the vehicle.

What rights does a cosigner have to gain possession of the vehicle if his name is on the title?

It depends on the laws of the state where the vehicle is titled and the wording of the title itself.

How can i find out which state this trailer is titled in by using the vehicle id number?

Go to the DMV in your state.

How much is a vehicle worth with a reconstructed title?

60% of the value of a comparable clean titled car.

What is the title of state?

The title of state?? I can only assume it means the state that the vehicle is registered and titled in.