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2008-01-15 21:37:17
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Q: If you are three days late on your period and just started spotting browish colored blood but had a negative pregnancy test could I still be pregnant?
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Could you be pregnant if you have light browish reddish spotting?

Yes, or you could just be ovulating. Take a test if you miss your period

Your period was due on the1st of juneI and some browish pink spotting slimy browish stuffpink slimy stuff light cramping for one daydull backache but nothing now could be pregnant?

sounds like it. Have you taken a test. Take one you could be pregnant

Someone please help.Ive had browish and pinkish discharge for 7days and im 3days late on your period could you be preg or is somthing wrong?

Yes, pregnancy is possible. Last November I had the exact same thing, pinkish brownish spotting when I wiped after going to the bathroom and some mild cramps, but no full visit from AF, although I was sure it was coming. On 5 days late I took a test and was pregnant. Saddly I lost the baby at 10 weeks. Now here I am again, in a similar situation, of 4 days late, but since my misscarriage I have no longer had PMS symptoms that usually help me understand whats going on with my body. I no longer get sore breasts, cramps, ect. I have taken 4 home pregnancy tests from and all have come back negative, yet still no period. Last November I used Clear Blue Easy from the drug store and immediately had a positive result. I wonder if my negative result is due to the cheap online brand, maybe I don't have enough of the pregnancy hormone to read, or simply I am not pregnant and just late. No pregnancy is like the other, so it is hard to tell for certain. Regardless, if your period does not fully come in a few more days, take another test, and regardless if it is negative or positive, go see your doctor, especially if the spotting continues. Good luck!

3months depo shot no bleeding then 3month start bleeding browish blood?

I at rink that is normal. I went through the same thing and went to my doctor. She told me that happens and it is normal. I had spotting and even bleeding that lasted for a few months. I was given medication for the that. If you are worried then you should see your doctor.

Why are you spotting browish blood 5 days after your period ended?

The brownish spots that you are seeing is your body cleaning out all of the blood that was left inside while you were on your period. Blood drys a very dark brown so when it comes out a few days later that's all that is. So don't be too worried.

What can cause you to get your period every two weeks?

What causes that is when you have your period for the first time it becomes inrregular so you don't know when your getting it instill you see reddish-browish spots in your underwear.

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