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If you are trying to remove a bathtub how can you tell if it is cast iron or steel?

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A cast iron tub is about 325lbs. steel is about 75lbs. Tap on tub if it sounds solid it is cast iron.

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What are the different types of bathtub drains?

copper Cast Iron PVC ABS Galvanized wrought Galvanized Steel

What does a customer need to know before purchasing a new bathtub?

Size, color, Left or right handed, Material, America cast, Fiberglass, Steel , Cast Iron

What bathtub material retains heat the best?

Metal baths (enamel on steel or cast iron) retain more heat than their acrylic or fiberglass versions

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What is the difference between cast steel and forged steel?

Cast steel is cast, forged steel is forged.

How can I get an old bathtub of iron steel out of my bathroom?

1. Open the walls around the tub back to the wall studs. 2. Remove the plumbing fixtures, faucet, handles, shower diverter, drain lever, and water valves. 3. Get under the tub and remove the drain trap and tailpiece. 4. Remove any nails holding the attachment flanges to the studs. 5. Side the tub out and haul it away. Steel tubs are light and easy to move. If it is cast iron, you will need help.

How do you remove and replace a bathtub?

If it is cast iron use a sledge hammer to break apart and then call a Plumber to install a new one if you don't know how.

How do you clean a bathtub that has been stained with drain cleaner?

To clean a bathtub that has been stained depends on what type of material the bathtub was constructed with. Is the bathtub made with plastic, glass, cast iron or porcelain?

How do you remove the rust from a cast iron wood burning stove?

Scrub it with a wire brush and steel wool.

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What is the difference between steel and cast steel?

Cast steel is rusty. Normal steel can turn rusty :) xxx

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Who is the inventor of the bathtub?

John Michael Kohler invented the first enameled bathtub when he enameled a cast iron horse trough in 1883.

Cast steel IS 2707 grade 1?

cast steel is 2707

What is the timeline of the bathtub?

If is is a fiberglass or steel/cast unit, they install while doing the plumbing rough, before insulation and drywall. The cultured marble/garden master tub installs after trim, before flooring.

What is toughened steel called?

cast steel is hard steel

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How do you drill a cast iron bathtub?

get a drill and some god nails

Did John Michael Kohler invent the enamel bathtub?

In 1883 he enamelled a cast iron horse trough, so yes, he invented the enamel bathtub.

What is forged steel and what is cast steel?

Forged steel is metallurgically worked, ususlly hot, to a smaller size than the cast/ingot size. Cast steel is the product of pouring molten steel into a mold, usually to the final usuable size.

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What are the characteristics of spheroidal grey cast iron and how it is better than cast steel?

Cast Iron does not rust or corrode as steel can

Is cast iron stronger than steel?

yes cast iron is stronger than steel.