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Use a 3 pole breaker. The the wire size depends on motor amperage (or mca, which is minimum circuit ampacity). Normally in a house (dry conditions) use Lumex.


As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.

Before you do any work yourself,

on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,

always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.




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What causes the circuit breaker trip at starting load?

If you are trying to start a motor, the breaker may be sized improperly. The breaker should be rated at 250% of motor current. ( a 10 hp motor rated at 14 amps would require a breaker of 35 amps. 250% X 14 = 35) If breaker is sized properly the motor may be overloaded or wired for the incorrect voltage.

What is different between feeder breaker and motor breaker?

Feeder breaker is protecting the supply and the wiring. Motor breaker is protecting the motor.

What size breaker should be used on a 20 amp motor?

30 amp breaker with #10 gauge copper wire

How do you choose circuit breaker all the control circuit if i have 50kw power of motor?

The breaker should be sized to 250% of the motor's full load amperage.

What size breaker for a 5 hp table saw motor?

20 amp should do ya.

Can a 2 pole 20 amp circuit run a 30 amp motor?

no the breaker should continiously trip when the motor starts up.

Is there a circuit breaker or relay for windshield wiper motor on 91' Lincoln town car?

Should be a breaker in the power distribution box under hood

What is working principle of motor protection Circuit breaker?

The working principle of a motor protection circuit breaker is to cut the electrical current off in a power surge situation. The circuit breaker safeguards the motor from electrical damage.

What size breaker is needed for a 115v 60hZ 18.0FLA motor?

25 amps and it should be run through a contactor and motor over load set,you should set the over load to 5% above the motors full load current.And not your breaker should be a d curve type with 6ka rating.

What cause the Main Breaker trips when I start a 30KW 3-phase Motor(Star Delt Starter)?

The wiring is like this:[[30KW Motor ---- Star Delt Starter(100A Breaker inside) ----- 200A Breaker------50A Breaker(Inside the breaker box which located inside the factory) -----100A Main Breaker]]Once I try to start the Motor, the Main Breaker trips immediately.

You have an equipment rated for 230V 14 FLA and you have it connected to a 20A circuit breaker. you just noticed that is now connected to a 30A circuit breaker. how would this affect your equipment?

If the motor starts without tripping the breaker and when the motor picks up the load and the breaker doesn't trip, just leave it. Code states that motors should be protected by 2.5 times the FLA to allow for start up inrush current which can go as high as 300%. In this case 14 x 2.5 = 35 amps. There not being a breaker of that size go to the next highest, that being a 40 amp breaker. The motor should have additional overload protection on the circuit set to the FLA of the motor and not depend on the breaker to provide overload protection.

What size breaker is used for a 300 horsepower motor?

A breaker is based on the amount of current that the motor draws. This amperage should be taken off of the motors nameplate. In motors of a specific horsepower the amperage is proportional to the voltage the motor uses. Without the motors voltage this question can not be answered.

What circuit breaker rating do you need for a 3 phase electric motor?

The circuit breaker is sized to the full load amps of the motor times 250%.

Looking for a basic standard type answer to how many circuit breaker amps are needed per motor horsepower on 3 phase?

The main breaker is not based on the HP of the motor it is based on the FLA of the motor. Many different motors have different characteristics and all of the different motors have different amperages Once you have the amperage of the motor the breaker is 250% times the FLA of the motor.

Can an older pool pump draw more amps to trip main breaker?

Yes, an older pump/motor can draw more amps. This usually happens when the motors windings are going bad or the bearings are going out. This causes the motor to have to work harder to rotate. It should have its own breaker. If its blowing your main, The motors windings are probably bad and the motor should be replaced.

Can I run a 12 KW motor with a single phase?

To answer these types of questions, a voltage of the single phase motor should be stated. It has to do with the breaker sizing and wire sizing and current load.

Where is an mpcb used?

MPCB is motor protection circuit breaker. It is used as feeder to a motor

Can you use 12-2 for 220 with 40amp breaker?

No a #12 wire is only rated for 20 amps. The 40 amp breaker will not protect the #12 wire. A 40 amp breaker should have a #8 wire connected to it which is rated at 45 amps. The only time that a breaker is allowed to be bigger that the wire size rating according to the electrical code is when a motor is connected to the breaker. This is to stop the 300 percent inrush of the motor full load amps from nuisance tripping a smaller sized breaker.

What rating of circuit breaker use for 25KW motor?

A breaker has to be 250% of the motors full load amps.

What size breaker is needed for a 125 hp motor?

It depends on what the amperage of the motor is. The motors amperage depends on the voltage of the motor. The higher the voltage the motor operates on the lower the amperage. So unless the amperage from the motor's nameplate is stated an answer can not be given.Just remember that the feeder capacity to the motor has to be 125% of the motors full load amperage and the breaker protecting the conductors to the motor has to be rated at 250% of the motors FLA. This higher breaker size allows the motor to start without tripping a normal size breaker that is rated for the lower conductor size.

Why does your circuit breaker blow when you use your washing machine?

Your washing machine should be on its own dedicated circuit. When it runs it draws current. If the current exceeds the breaker rating the breaker will trip. You didn't say anything about the circumstances so it is hard to pin down the cause. Some possibilities are: 1. A bad breaker. 2. There is some obstruction or binding on what the motor is trying to turn and it stays in an over-current start up mode trying to overcome the mechanical loading. 3. There is a short circuit in the windings in motor causing it to draw too much current. 4.There is a short circuit in your wiring to the washing machine. If breaker blows immediately when you turn on washer the problem is likely 1, 3 or 4. If it happens somewhere in the cycle it is likely 2.

Breaker trips after running pool motor about 8 hours the timer was changed the receptacle was changed but you noticed a little bit of rust on the plug to the pool motor should that be changed?

Pool motor is overheating and or a short in the motor. You need a professional pool tech to troubleshoot.

What is breaker size for 240 volt 7.8 KW?

If the load is resistive (heater) then the breaker size would be a two pole 40 amp breaker. If the load is inductive (motor) then the breaker size would be a two pole 70 amp breaker

Where is the motor relay circuit breaker located on a 1989 mustang?

The motor relay circuit breaker may be found on the driver's side of the vehicle, on or near the fender apron. There is a cable that runs from it to the battery.

What size breaker do you need for a well pump?

A breaker is based on the amperage that is drawn by the pump motor load. Find the full load amperage of the motor. The wire fed from the breaker has to be rated at 125% of the motors full load amperage. The breaker for motors have to be over sized, usually 250% of the motors full load amps.