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In most places and circumstances you will have to be 18 to become responsible for yourself unless you get emancipated. If you were able to get married you would still be considered a minor, but would not be bound by your parents. However, no one can tell you what to do about being pregnant. You are in charge when it comes to the decisions affecting you and your unborn child.

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Q: If you are under 18 and become pregnant are you considered an adult?
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Is an adult considered disabled if they are under 5'0?


At what age does a person become an adult in England?

In England, a person is considered a child until they reach the age of 18 under current legislation.

Is 16 a minor under Florida law?

You are considered a minor, but you could become an imansipated minor which would give you all the rights and responsibilities of being an adult.

Does a child under the age of 18 in the state of Arizona become legal adult after they have a baby?

No. Being pregnant or having a child does not automatically confer emancipation status to a minor in Arizona.

If you are 17 and pregnant in Arizona can you move out and get married?

if you are under the supervision of a responsible adult yes

I am an adult female and just measured under 4'10 would i be considered a migdet?

yes, anyone that is an adult under 5 foot is considered a midget Absolutely not. I dated a woman who was 4' 8" tall and I'm 6' 2". She was considered petite.

When is pregnant teen in Texas able to leave home?

At the age of 18. Just because you are pregnant does not make you an adult under Texas law.

When is a person considered an adult in the state of Missouri?

A person could be considered an adult when they turn 16 because they are no longer forced to go to school, but they could also be considered an adult when they turn 18 because they are no longer (in most cases) under the care of their parental gaurdians A person could be considered an adult when they turn 16 because they are no longer forced to go to school, but they could also be considered an adult when they turn 18 because they are no longer (in most cases) under the care of their parental gaurdians

What age are juveniles under?

Juveniles are under the age of 18. Once turning 18, the individual is considered an adult.

When does a female horse become an adult?

When a female hore is under four she is a Filly when she is over four she is a mare and therefore and adult

What is the HGC level supposed to be to indicate a pregnancy?

Anything after 5 is considered Pregnant.Anything under 5 is considered not pregnant.

Adult dating a minor in Arkansas?

One example- In Arkansas, if an adult kisses a person under 16, it is considered child molesting.

At what height is one considered a dwarf?

An Adult (18+) under the height of 4"10' is considered a dwarf or little person.

How old is a child and adult?

A child is under 18 and an adult is over 18.. or is it 21. but you wouldn't be considered a child at 19 though. hmmm

If a boy is married at 17 with his parents' permission is that called emancipation and is he considered an adult as his wife is 19?

Theoretically yes but in a way you by default become under the supervision of her parent(s) or guardians and if you are still a minor (under 21) when she becomes an adult considering what you described she would become your legal guardian until your 21st birthday but if your parents authorized it there should be no problems for you to worry about. In most states (and maybe in all) when you *legally* marry you automatically become emancipated. Therefore, you would not come under the supervision of her parents or of her. You are considered to be an emancipated minor and therefore responsible for yourself.

If you are pregnant and under the age of 18 are you legally emancipated from your parents?

No, if you are pregnant and under the age of 18 you are not leagally emancipated from your parents at all until you are 18 then you can be on your own. Just because you have a baby doesn't mean your an adult.

When you get married under age will you be considered an adult when you do get married and will you be able to work as a 18 year old?


What age is considered a runaway in Mississippi?

Anyone under the age of 18 is a runaway. They are a minor and not an adult.

Who is considered a dependent child?

A person who is under 18 or an adult still supported totally by the parents.

Can you move out if you are pregnant and under the age of majority in Kansas?

Being pregnant does not make you an adult. You are still the responsibility of your parents. You may be able to move out, but only if your parents allow it.

What is the adult and child ticket price at the metropolitan museum?

Adults are $25, kids 12 and under free. If a child is 13+, they are considered an Adult admission.

If you are under 18 and you are married can you move out without a parents permission in Pennsylvania?

If you are married, you are considered an adult and can do what you wish.

What age is considered juvenile?

In most areas, anyone under the age of eighteen (anyone who is not an adult) is a juvenile.

Does a male child become emancipated in Georgia when he gets a female child pregnant?

Sorry, but being stupid does not make one an adult. Georgia doesn't have an emancipation statute, which means the children are under their parents control until they are adults.

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