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Q: If you are underage and pregnant and the father is overage can he get in trouble when he has to put his dob on the birth certifcate?
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Can someone under twenty one get in trouble for giving another person under twenty one alcohol?

I suppose you are more likely to get into trouble if you are overage, and give alcohol to an underage person. But please note a few additional points:Alcoholic beverages are legal in many countries, but that doesn't mean they are harmless. Better stay away from them.The definition of "underage" may vary from one jurisdiction to another. For example, perhaps you are over 18 and the other person under 18, and so in some jurisdictions, you would be overage, and the other person underage.

Okay can my 17 year old boyfriend get in trouble for getting me pregnant if i am 14?

yes. your underage and that can get him arrested. IT can also get you put on probation.

Would a 13-year-old get into trouble with authorities if she became pregnant by a 17-year-old?

Four words, Underage sex is illegal.

If a girl gets pregnant at 16 with a 19 year old in Minnesota but lives in California will he go to jail?

yes because no matter where you get pregnant at, if you are underage the legal age person will get in trouble no matter where he is at.

Can you get in trouble for talking to a underage girl?


Can a 17-year-old boy get into trouble if he gets a 15-year-old girl pregnant in England?

To put it simply: Yes. The girl is underage, and you're overage. Meaning that even if she was up for having sex in the first place, you could have charges of statutory rape braught against you. Although I highly doubt this would be the case, as she'd have to report you to the police for that to happen.

Can an adult get in trouble for being around underage drinking?


What if you're pregnant and the dad is more than 4 years older. How could he not go to jail?

=It depends on YOUR age, not his. If you are underage, then he would get into trouble,and you cant stop them going to jail!=

What happens if a 17 year old gets a underage girl pregnant?

Answer you pray that her parents dont get you in to trouble with the law because it counts as rape, even with concent.

Can the father of an underage pregnant girl go to prison?

laws vary from state to state, but most likely yes, he would go to prison for statory rape. It depends how old he is. But yes he can get in a lot of trouble.

If a person of the age of consent gets married with an underage person with parental consent and the underage person gives birth several months after would the older person get in trouble?

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Having trouble getting pregnant-?

If you are having trouble getting pregnant, you can visit a fertility doctor or your ob/gyn.

If you have the LH hormone can you be pregnant?

You might have trouble getting pregnant.

Can underage couples get into trouble for staying the night with each other in the state of Virginia?

No, its your life authorities don't have any control over underage couples staying the night with each other.

What are the circumstances in which an underage student who isn't drinking can get in trouble for being around alcohol?

In most states, a underage person cannot be at a party where alcohol is being served. This goes for anyone who is drinking or not.

Im underage and myboyfriend is 20 can he get in trouble if my parents no?

He can. It depends on how your parents react to him. If they think it's bad then they can call the police. But he will not get in trouble unless you are having sex with him.

If you are twenty one can you get in trouble for being around underage drinkers?

no you cant because you are over the ahe limit

If a 13 year old and a 16 year old date can they get in trouble?

no as long as you are both underage it is not a problem

Has anyone got a credit card underage if so where is it 4?

NO dont do it! Just because you can show off to your friends about it! Your underage and will have to wait, enjoy your life at the moment, and dont get yourself into deep trouble!

Can you get in trouble for getting a Mexico girl pregnant?

Yes. The trouble you can get in is when her dad and brothers find out. You will be in big trouble.

How do you get out of trouble if you got your underage girl friend pregnant?

You really can't from a legal perspective. But you can go a long way toward regaining credibility and respect if you step up to your responsibilities to her. Sit down and talk about the options, and then follow through on what you agree to.

How do you get a girl in trouble?

By getting her pregnant.

Can your 20 year old boyfriend get in trouble if your mom let you live with him and got pregnant at the age of 17?

Law says: Sex with other person younger than 18 years of age constitutes a crime, unless you are underage yourself. But if it is known only between you two and nobody else reports it to police, there will be no trouble.

What if your girl friend is 15 and you are 23 and she is pregnant?

I feel sorry for you. Better see if her parents will let you marry her or pay for an abortion. It's no fun paying child support for 18 years. Otherwise, you're in deep trouble since she's underage.

Are you protected in the state of Wisconsin from underage drinking if you are reporting a possible suicide attempt?

You would be in more trouble for not reporting the attempted suicide that you would from any trouble associated with underage drinking. But no you are not protected. Most likely they will use common sense but it is best to always report crimes or medical issues as they happen.