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No. You still need parental consent to get ungerage marrige pregnant or not. Unless you go to one of those states where it's legal to marry without parental consent.

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Q: If you are underage and pregnant can you and your boyfriend get married without parental consent?
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Can a pregnant 15 year old girl marry her 15 year old boyfriend with parental consent?

Yes but you need parental consent from her and his parents.

What states allow an underage couple get married if the girl is pregnant without the males parents consent?

None. All states require the individuals to be 18 or have parental consent.

What is the parental consent law for underage cohabitation in Alabama?

The age of consent in Alabama is sixteen. The age to be married with parental consent is fourteen years old.

Could you get married if underage in las Vegas?

Parental Consent.

In what states can a girl who is 15 and pregnant marry her 16 year old boyfriend with parental consent?

No that is Illigal and its nasty how she got Pregnant

Can a pregnant 15 year old girl in the state of Georgia live with her boyfriend without parental consent?


What are the laws regarding underage marriage in AL?

If you're 16/17 you can marry if you have parental consent. You can marry without parental consent at 18.

Can underage girls have abortions without parental consent in Washington?

Yes you can.

If you get married underage in Florida with parental consent will you automatically be emancipated?


Does Oregon Allow Underage marriage?

You can marry with parental consent at 16

Where in Alabama can underage marriage take place without parental consent?

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Are you considered an adult if you get married underage with parent consent?

Parental consent has nothing to do with the laws in place. If you are underage by the laws view, you are still underage. if you wonder if marriage emancipates you, yes it does.

If you live in Oklahoma and your 17 and pregnant can you legally move out with your 19 year old boyfriend without parental consent?


Can a 16 girl that is pregnant and lives in AZ get married to her boyfriend who is 18 and lives in al?

not without parental consent

Can a pregnant fourteen year old and sixteen year old boyfriend get married in the state of Georgia without parental consent?

Of course not! You must be 18 to get married without parental consent or a court order.

If a person of the age of consent gets married with an underage person with parental consent and the underage person gives birth several months after would the older person get in trouble?

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Can a 17-year-old get married in Utah if she is pregnant without parental consent?

No. Pregnant or not, parental consent is required if you are under the age of 18.

Is it legal in Texas to get married at age 17 without parental consent for being pregnant?

No. Pregnant or not, you have to have parental consent if you are under the age of 18.

Can a sixteen year old get a tattoo with parental consent in Maine?

Nope. It is a liability to take on underage clients with out consent

Can I stop marriage of underage pregnant daughter in Georgia?

Pregnant minors in GA cannot marry without parental consent. A few years ago they could, but GA has since changed that law.

Do parents have to consent to underage marriage if the bride is pregnant?

Not for the underage bride.However, if the male is underage he will need his parents permission.Besides in FL.

Can a pregnant 16-year-old marry her 18-year-old boyfriend without parental consent in any US state?

NO, matter of fact I heard on the radio the other day and they siad the law changed, that you cannot get married without parental consent if you are pregnant.

In the state of Texas can a 16 year old pregnant female marry her 18 year old boyfriend without parental consent?

No. In the state of TX, pregnant or not, a minor needs parental permission in order to marry.

Can a pregnant minor get married without parental permission if she is pregnant?

A minor- pregnant or not- cannot marry without parental consent.

Where in the state of Florida can you get married underage with parental consent but without judges consent?

Try visiting Arkansas or swimming to Cuba.