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Better in what sense? You'd certainly stand a much better chance of not being arrested if you do anything illegal in private!

People usually drink alcohol while socialising at a bar or club to help them relax, some see it as a way to get over their nerves and enjoy themselves so it's very much a social activity.

I see the underage kids outside my house every Friday passing around a bottle of wine rather than go to an under 18 night at the local clubs because they wouldn't be allowed to drink, it's not about the law for me I think they've just missed the point of alcohol.

If you're going to drink take my advice and stick to the beer and do it when you're with people who know when to quit, the last thing you need is to be pressured into drinking more than you can handle.


If you are underage do not drink at all. Alcohol is a serious drug that can have different and bad effects on people. Many adults make bad choices and continue to drink alcohol when they should just leave it alone. Let your body and adolescent mind grow to adulthood first.

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Q: If you are underage is it better to drink alone?
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Can you drink underage in Boracay?

No, you cannot drink underage in any civilized country.

Does Selena Gomez drink beer?

She probably does, who knows. She is a celebrity. Just because your underage doesnt mean that you wont drink... No, she is underage.

Can an underage child with autism stay home alone in the state of Florida?

No, an underage child with autism cannot stay home alone in the state of Florida.It doesn't matter whether the child is autistic or not, if they are underage then they cannot stay home alone. Leaving the child alone would be illegal and they may get into trouble while alone.

How many people in Canada are drink underage?


Why do underage children drink alcohol?

Underage children think that drinking alcohol makes them cool and very grown up.

How many people drink underage?

Statistically unknown, but lots.

Do Miley and Demi drink?

No, They are both underage and their parents do not allow them to.

Who sings drink alone?

I drink Alone is by George Thorogood and the Destroyers

Can underage military personnel drink in Wisconsin?

No. The only way to drink in Wisconsin when you are underage is if you are with your parents and your last names match on your IDs. Even then it is bar discretion on if they will allow it, although most places do.

Can you drink red bull while underage?

yes it is non-alcoholic

Is it legal to drink mead underage?

It is illegal if it is alcoholic. Is mead alcoholic?

Is it ok to drink alcohol at the age of 13?

No, you can be charged with underage use.

What is the average of high school underage drinkers?

Studies have shown that underage drinkers actually do better in school.

Why is underage drinking illegal?

cuz kids are stupid and they drink too much

Can underage military personnel drink in Texas?

Nope- you need to be 21, podner.

Can an underage person legally be allowed to drink on a boat?

No, it's still illegal.

What are the punishments of underage possession of alcohol in Iowa?

you must be 21 to drink alcohol

What is the different between alcohol and beer?

OBVIOUSLY underage to drink if you have to ask that question.

Can you drink if your under aged while working at a bar?

No you may not. Underage is for all circumstances.

If I am of age to drink and my wife is underage can I give her permission to drink in public or private?

It depends where your from, in New Zealand you are allowed to drink in public at any age as long as you are with your parents.

How do you obtain alcohol if you are underage?

in the united kingdom you can drink from the age of 4 if you have parental permission and are in your own home In America it depends on the state when the laws are, but most you have to be 21 to buy it. Most kids that get alcohol underage have friends older relatives or even their own parents buy if for them. But you can get ticketed and fined for underage drinking as well as the adult can go to jail for supplying to a minor, so- better think it through.

How many people drink underage in the UK?

It varies dramatically by age, increasing with increasing age.

If you are underage and get married is it legal for you to drink?

No. Married or unmarried, the state's drinking age still applies.

Can you drink alcohol under age in Ohio?

No one can drink alcohol underage. If there is a law stating an age then it would only be underage if the age is younger than that stated in the law. Ohio, however, has the same legal drinking age of 21 years old.

Can Legal home alone children stay with underage other children?

yes. they can because they would be kind of like the adult if its legal to leave them home alone.