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I think the person would be wet because Water spreads wetness, and if you are underwater, then it is spreading wetness on to you

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Not if you are wearing a wetsuit or in a submarine, or below decks on a ship.

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Q: If you are underwater are you really wet?
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Can you feel wet when underwater?

Being underwater does not feel the same as being wet when exposed to the air, because when you are underwater the water on your skin is not evaporating, and doesn't make you feel cold. Nonetheless, a person underwater is wet, even though he or she won't really feel wet.

If everything is under water is anything really wet?

No you are not really wet until you hit dry air. Now if you were on underwater came out to get some air, then your head would be wet and anything else touching the air.

What do you call a phoenix underwater?

Wet Phoenix

When you are totally underwater whey aren't you wet?

Because your only wet when you get out of the water. When your in the water wetness is around you, your not wet.

Why do fish have wet scales?

Because they are underwater.

Do guys like it when their girlfriend gets really really wet or is it too much?

really wet

Is water really wet?

It certainly isn't really dry. So yes it is really wet.

Is six falgs really underwater?


Describe a wet skate park IN 100 WORDS?

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Can a dragon fly underwater?

no. since it's wings would be wet. and under the water's presure

How are coral reefs and deserts different?

Coral reefs are wet and underwater. Deserts are dry and on land

Do you cry underwater?

No. Let me shortly explain why.The definition of wet is:Wet: to have a liquid substinse on you while not surrounded by that substince.When in water you are surrounded by water. The liquid in a pool would be water. You are not wet