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Not typically, for most official matters that concern ethnicity or race for demographic or special assistance purposes.

The distinction is more linked with ancestry than geography or passport status.

Indeed, many North Africans have been considered "White" in some U.S. contexts, regardless of color, due to the special historic and social context for "African-American" in the USA, as distinguished from recent, willful immigrants to the USA or residents there from Africa.

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Q: If you are white and don't have any African ancestors but you are from Africa are you considered an African American?
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What makes a person African American?

if your ancestors are from Africa

Is it true that if you are African American that your ancestors are from Africa?

actually the ancestial land of African Americans trace back to israel.

Is skia Jackson African American?

yes she is. any black person is African or African American is because our ancestors came from Africa (if your African American) during slavery and if they had kids it would go down in history

Are black people who live in Africa African American?

African American is a generic name for people in modern America, whose ancestors originally were brought from the African continent as slaves.

What is African descent?

African descent means the person has ancestors who lived in Africa.

What does African decent mean?

Someone of African heritage. Their ancestors are originally from Africa. Having an African background.....

Are black people who live in Africa called African-Americans?

African-Americans are US citizens whose ancestors are (usually) from the continent of Africa. Africans who live in an African country would be referred to by their country of citizenship (e.g., Namibians, Kenyans) and would not be called African-Americans. An African-American visiting Africa would simply be thought of as an "American" or "US citizen" to the local population.

Is p-diddy somali?

No, P. Diddy is African-American. The ancestors of African-Americans were taken from mainly West, Central and sometimes Southern Africa (sometimes Mozambique as well). But no slaves were taken from the Horn of Africa. The Horn of Africa includes Somalia.

How can you use African diaspora in a sentence?

I grew up in an African Diaspora, where many of the villagers had ancestors from Africa.

Is black Americans and African Americans are nationalities?

No. American is the correct term. Afro- American would mean, your ancestors are from "Africa". There is no country called Africa-America. Black is only a color like green, blue, red etc. Nationalities are the country you live in. Say like African, American, Jamaican, Indian etc.

African Americans came from Africa True or false?

Ha, false of course. They didn't come from Africa their ancestors did.

Is a child with African parents considered African American?

No he's considered Mexican! dumb-aNo, it definitely depends on what part of the world he is born..lets say the parents are from Africa but then moved to America and gave birth to the child in new york is the child African American

Are Puerto Ricans considered African?

Nope, they're considered either Americans or Puerto Ricans (As P.R. is an American Territory). Africans are in/from Africa.

Is Martin Luther King African American or just American?

Martin Luther King Jr. could be considered African-American or American because the generations of his family before him were taken from Africa by the Americans, but he was born in America.

Do Jamaicans consider themselves black or African American?

Neither. The cannot be African American because Jamaica is not part of America, nor is it part of Africa. Jamaicans are considered Black Caribbean.

Why are most African Americans not interested in visiting Africa?

One view: Over so many generations of being in the New World, African Americans are no longer attached to their native Africa and have developed a unique African American culture.Another view: Because they are not nor were they ancestors from "Africa" like it is often portrayed, but are descendants of Israel. The connection is not there to Africa because it wasn't truly ever.

What was the African-American slavery?

African American slavery was the exploitation of people from Africa by Europeans.

Where did African American poetry originate?

in Africa

Why is actress Charlize Theron counted as African-American?

Because she's from South Africa, making her....African American.

Does an African American have to be born in America?

Not all african americans are black. It just means someone who was born in one but is a citizen of the other. For example, someone who was born in Africa but is now an american citizen would be an african american. I'm not sure what others would think about this, but I would suggest you could still be considered an african american if your parents/grandparents immigrated.

What slavery is in Africa today?

African American slavery

Why is West Africa significant for African-american history?

West Africa is significant for African-American history because of the slave trade. Most slaves arriving in America were from West and Central Africa.

Was Harriet Tubman a black African American?

NO she was not african american. She was simply american

Did African-Americans immigrate or colonize in the US?

The ancestors of the African Americans were nearly all transported to America from Africa as slaves. The question is were African Amercians colonized or immigrated to the U.S.?

Can white people from Africa be African American?

NO because they were not born in America, if they were born here than they will be African- American even if there color is white, because they have origins in Africa. ----- The dictionaries I have say that an African American is a Black American of African descent. Some add that the person is of sub-Saharan African descent. There is a link to a dictionary entry below.