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The truly good guys won't worry that you don't fit the pattern of the impossibly beautiful women on the cover of magazines. Real love comes from knowing somebody and feeling comfortable with them. Looks can cause an initial attraction, but solid relationships are founded on humor, generosity, love and respect. You'll find the right guy for you exactly when you're ready for him.

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Are frosted flakes healthy?

ehh, they r and then they arent, i mean they r ''frosted''. with sugar and what not. but they arent terrible for u. its a good healthy breakfeast special k is pretty healthy

What is a stipulating definition?

Your mom is pretty good with stipulating definitions.

What is the Definition of the low power objective?

the objective in between scan and high power. you can see a pretty good range of things at a pretty good magnification

Where can you get a good cheap tattoo done in Milwaukee?

good tattoos arent cheap and cheap tattoos arent good.

What is the cheapest kind of dirt bike?

I would probably have to say that baja dirtbikes are the cheapest...they arent as good as Honda Or suzuki or anything like that but they are pretty good and pretty cheap...go on baja and they will show you all the different dirtbikes they have

What is the definition of of Pretty Boy according to the Webster dictionary?

The definition of Pretty Boy according to the Webster dictionary is "a man who is notably good-looking". The Webster dictionary notes that this term was first used in 1885.

What is the definition of slick as a snake?

To be really smooth, or good with words (charismatic) pretty much to be slick.

What is targeting customers?

There is something called in online advertising - this is a pretty good definition:

Why is Anca Paladian so pretty?

Some of it is "Good Genes", some of it is Good grooming and some of it is in your definition of beauty. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

What is the definition of 'departments'?

The definition of departments is a division of a large organization dealing with a specific subject. A good example of how a typical Walmart store is divided into departments based on the products sold in that area.

Are snickers healthy for you?

thet arent healthy for u but they arent toxic either everything is good in moderation

How do you know that you are a good kisser?

you just are or arent

The change of the velocity of an object divided by the time for the change to occur?

That's a pretty good definition of the object's "acceleration".

Is carl schurz a good high school?

The school is good but the kids in it arent.

How much does a typical military loan cost?

If you are in the military or are a veteran you can get some really good deals on loans. You can also get good deals and discounts pretty much everywhere. The interest is cheaper.

What is the Definition of good Samaritan?

what is the definition of good samaritan

How many miles per gallon do Honda Civics get?

depends on which model and yr and if your maintanence is up. But typical is from 30 to 40 so pretty good.

What is the definition of femme jolie?

It's french for 'pretty woman' or a good-looking woman. Only according to like Google translator.

Is the never say never movie good?

yea its an amazing movie. its very inspiring and it will teach you to never give up in life. I highly recommend it for anyone, even people who arent Bieber fans... its actually a pretty good movie. :)

How good are the new Orleans hornets?

they arent really good but they were 2 seasons ago.

Is Wiki Answers any good?

You're using it arent you?

How can you tell between fruits and vegetables?

vegetables arent as good

What is a definition of 'pretty boys'?

A pretty boy is a good looking teenage boy, who is not very built, dresses well from head to toe, has a nice clean appearance with classy, expensive clothes.

What is a typical day like when you are a doctor?

Pretty much A LOT of paperwork and many patients. It is a very good job selection! It is also difficult to keep up with.

What is the definition of cost efficiency?

cost efficiency is how good what you paid for was for the price you paid for it. it pretty much rates the quality and the price as a comparison in one.