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yes it means he like's you but he just dont want to tell you because he doesn't know if you like him

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most people would blush at that kind of question. if he smiled a little afer you asked him than it could definatly mean that he likes you. maybe you could ask him out and see what he says.

That means that he likes you but sometimes he might just like you as a friend but i bet he likes you ask him out when you see it clearly that he does or maybe he might even ask you out when you guys are having the friendly drink

she thinks you smell bad ---- Are you sure she likes you? Additionally, maybe she's trying to play hard to get. Ask her if she wants to do something with you and see what she says.

Ask him if he says no than ask one of his friends to ask him who he likes and tell you but if he can't bad luck

Try and find out if she likes you back first- maybe ask a few of her friends. Then just ask her out in private and if she says no, carry on like normal.

it might mean that he doesn't want to tell you that he likes you or that he likes you as a friend not a girlfriend. but to find out if he likes you maybe ask his friend if he talks about you or who does he like.

It could mean he likes you as a friend and you're easy to be around with. Or it could mean he likes you. If you like him back, ask him out. The worst that can happen is that he'll say no!

Just ask her, maybe she says Yes maybe she says No....

It could be because he might be shy to ask them. You can ask your crush directly if they like you or not.

yes and no. he could be shy because he does not know you or maybe he does like you. You never know nless you ask him...

Maybe it's a reason to talk to you, maybe it's for his girlfriend. You need to ask him about it.

Ask her out. If she says yes it means she likes you. If she says no forget about her.

If you ask her out and she says, "No," then ask another girl out. It does you no good if a girl likes you but won't go out with you. The exception is if she is real good in English and you are not. Then she might mean that you can come over to her house and she will help you with your English homework.

That probably means he likes you. I would ask my friends to ask his friends who he likes to verify. I hope he likes you! (: