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Gay isn't something that just goes away, he may just be being friendly, don't ask him out again, it will just be uncomfortable for him. Ask him out for a drink - as a friend, and try and accept he doesn't like you in that way, but that you two can be friends.

Just about every human characteristic falls somewhere on a continuum. Nobody is 100% kind, 100% loving, 100% aggressive or 100% evil. Even the worst person has some redeeming characteristic, just as the kindest person has a "hot button" that will initiate an unwanted response.

So it is with many "gay's". They may other have interests, but still be curious about heterosexual activities too. It might be somewhere on the continuum other than 100%.

On the other hand, maybe he just wants to be "another one of the girls," and is considering you more of a friend. Sometimes interpersonal dynamics are difficult to figure out.

A:Ask him about it! Stranger Things have happened...not that he'll have turned straight, but just because you like boys doesn't necessarily rule out any interest in girls.
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Q: If you asked a guy out 2 years ago because you thought he loved you but was shy and he said he was gay but 2 years later gives strong hints that he likes you is he still gay?
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