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No. Four years for a Bachelor's degree for you major and an Associates degree for your minor. Or you can take extra credit in modules you are interested in but your degree doesnt cover (provided you meet the pre-requisites)

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Q: If you attend a 4-year college to earn your Bachelor's degree do you have to spend all those years earning just that one degree?
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How long does a military officer go to college?

They attend until they gain their Bachelors Degree from an accredited college or University.

What are the benefits of earning an associate's degree compared to those of a bachelors degree?

Earning an associates degress takes less time and money than a bachelors degree. It is not as high of a degree as a bachelors, but it gets you into the work force quicker and with less school debt.

Which education degree for business students for best job and higer earning?

Bachelors degree

Do you need a college degree to become a doctor?

at least a bachelors degree at least a bachelors degree

What college degree do you get when you graduate from a 4 year college?

A Bachelors degree.

How many years of college do you attend to be a optometrist?

You need a bachelors degree (4 standard years) plus a 4 year Doctor of Optometry degree.

How many years of college for business administration?

The number of years you need for business administration depends on the degree you receive. For a bachelors degree, you will need to attend college for three to four years.

In college what is BA and BS?

In college a BA is a bachelors degree of arts. A BS is a bachelors degree in science. Most students get a BA.

Where can lawyers go to college that offer a bachelors degree?

The best place to go for a bachelors degree is Algonquin college for the best bet

How do you get a bachelors degree?

four years of college

What degree does a fashion designer get?

If you attend a four year college you can earn a BFA (Bachelors of Fine Art) with the emphasis on fashion design.

What is a first bachelor's degree?

A bachelors degree is a bachelors degree. I am unsure what you mean by first bachelors degree. A bachelors degree is a four year program of study provided the student takes the program as prescribed by the college or university.

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