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If you back into a parked car in a residential driveway who is to blame?


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If you reverse your car and then collide with a parked car , the person who did the reversing is At Fault.

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The driver of the moving vehicle is at fault. The parked vehicle may have been parked illegally, but it didn't hit anything.

Only onto a major road or junction, or by a local ordinance. Otherwise we would all have a U shaped driveway. You need a turn-around area in your driveway. It certainly is not safe to come to a stop on the highway and back into your driveway nor is it safe to back out of your driveway onto the highway. I have a straight driveway and it's not illegal to back out onto a minor residential street.

It is not an offence to back out of a driveway, but it is an offence to back across a lane of traffic.

The person's who parked it there, (its parked illegally.)Not your fault.

As a general principle, the person operating a moving piece of machinery is responsible for damage to any non-moving obstructions. Whether or not the other car was legally parked is irrelevant. It could be abandoned in the middle of the road and it would still be the drivers responsibility to see and avoid it.

Just like any other accident,, You are responsible for the damage you caused. Either file a report with your insurer so they can cover the damage you caused, or pay them yourself for the Damage. It's your choice. The law requires you be Financially Responsible.

if you're reversing into your driveway and someone hits you its their fault. you were moving away and they wern't paying attention. Now if you went back into the street to straighten out and back back in then it might be your fault, but if you were reversing the whole way and never came back out of your driveway it would be theirs

It is not illegal in any state to back into a driveway from a highway. A person should use extra caution when doing this to make sure that the road is clear in both directions. If the highway has high traffic, pull to the left shoulder of the road, then back into the driveway when it is safe to do so.

This has alot to do with if the impact is on private property and if you had permission to park in the friends driveway, then ultimately if you want to remain friends. If it's an easement or such, the other answers may apply.Another View: Whether you are on someone else's private property makes no difference, the striking vehicle is at fault. Your insurance companies will have to battle it out.

Building his mothers driveway

By pushing the snow to both sides of the driveway. (correct answer)

He died by getting shot in the back, in his driveway.

What type of driveway? Was it a curving and could not see the car before rounding the curve? Is it straight; then why did you not see the car blocking the driveway before even getting into car and/or backing..

You are. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter where the car was parked. Even if it was parked on the moon, you still hit it so... I know it doesn't seem fair but rules are rules. Well, the other driver could receive a ticket for illegally parking, but the car was unoccupied and you ran into it. That makes you responsible for the accident, particularly if you knew the car was there before you back out. Not suprisingly, that someone may have done something wrong does not mean everyone else gets to take a free shot at them. In fact, it may put more obligation on those later to lessen the effects of the wrong doers actions. So, the first one doing wrong may be less responsible than the last one, or anyone who could have avoided making it a problem.

Juliet is to blame for the nurse's bad back because she sent the nurse out for an errand early on a Monday morning and then didn't give her a back rub when she got back. Juliet is to blame for her father's high blood pressure, because she resisted his plans to marry Paris. Basically it's easy to blame anyone for anything. If you get really good at it you can be a litigation lawyer.

you can register it as non-op (non-operational) and put it in your driveway and cancel the insurance but it has to be in your driveway and cant move until you put insurance back on it

You know the answer: you hit a parked car! You're absolutely liable. On one hand, you should have been looking while backing out so it would be your fault. He may get a citation for parking there, but you could have avoided an accident by looking first. You will be lucky if you are not cited for reckless and dangerous driving. (In some states, contributory negligence on the part of the parked car's owner could reduce your liability, but you would still be at fault. Your best option is to report vehicles that are illegally parked and avoid any possible accidents.)

Of course it is your fault. The fact that the car was illegally parked is of no consequence. You didn't look where you were backing or you would not have hit the parked car. Would you have hit this car if you had been looking? Perhaps the illegally parked car is a Mini Cooper, parked illegally 1 foot behind a Hummer and therefore not visable when the driver looks before backing up...

If you have not paid your loan, your vehicle is repossessed. If your vehicle is parked illegally, such as in front of a driveway or in a no parking zone, it is impounded. In both cases, a police report should have been turned in to the local police department. With an impounded vehicle you generally have a parking ticket, a towing fee, and a storage fee. All three must be paid before you get your vehicle back. Next time walk an extra block.

I had a friend who got a ticket for backing out of a driveway. It was not in a neighborhood, it was on a 'regular' road. He didn't cause a wreck or anything, but a policeman was driving by and turned around and came back to give him a ticket. Told him it was illegal to back out into a road.

When parking your car in your driveway do you drive in or back into your driveway. The safest way to leave your driveway is to drive out so then you need to back into it. In driving out of your driveway you now can see traffic and pedestrians coming so you can keep them and yourself safe. If you happen to back out of your driveway you will always have a blind spot, and put people's safety at risk. One other thing that I have realized is you can tell what the person is like by the way that they park. A person who backs in cares about others safety and their well being when they go to leave. A person who backs out of their driveway does not care about anyone but themselves, that they might be selfish when it comes to others. How a person parks their car show's what they are inside and they do not even know it.

The Plates are not 'your' plates, they belong to the STATE that you have registered your car with. If the STATE wants their plates back for any reason, they could have the POLICE get them from you by a number of ways.So to answer your question... Yes the POLICE can take the "STATE'S" license plates from your car if they are instructed to do so by the STATE.

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