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The person backing out of the driveway.

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What if a car hits you as you back into your driveway?

if you're reversing into your driveway and someone hits you its their fault. you were moving away and they wern't paying attention. Now if you went back into the street to straighten out and back back in then it might be your fault, but if you were reversing the whole way and never came back out of your driveway it would be theirs

Who is at fault when you back into someone parked directly across the street from your driveway?

The driver of the moving vehicle is at fault. The parked vehicle may have been parked illegally, but it didn't hit anything.

Who is at fault if you back out of your driveway and into another car backing out of their driveway?

Both are equally at fault and you may both have to use your own insurance to pay the damage. If a police report was filed, then the police will determine the % of fault to each person. CORRECTION - Your INSURANCE COMPANY will determine the fault - not the police. Yes, it may be a 50/50 situation, unless one party admits 100% fault.

Who is at fault when a car is blocking the driveway and as you back out you try to stop but it is icy and you hit the car blocking the driveway?

What type of driveway? Was it a curving and could not see the car before rounding the curve? Is it straight; then why did you not see the car blocking the driveway before even getting into car and/or backing..

Who is at fault if you back out of your driveway cross 3 lanes put in drive and got hit by another car backing out of his driveway?

If you were fully in the lane, and he is backing from private property onto public property more than likely he will bare the majority of fault/liablilty.

If you back into a parked car in a residential driveway who is to blame?

If you reverse your car and then collide with a parked car , the person who did the reversing is at fault.

Who is fault back out of driveway into car parked in the road facing wrong direction opposite side of street directly across from my driveway?

As a general principle, the person operating a moving piece of machinery is responsible for damage to any non-moving obstructions. Whether or not the other car was legally parked is irrelevant. It could be abandoned in the middle of the road and it would still be the drivers responsibility to see and avoid it.

Who is at fault is it when backing out of a driveway?

I had a friend who got a ticket for backing out of a driveway. It was not in a neighborhood, it was on a 'regular' road. He didn't cause a wreck or anything, but a policeman was driving by and turned around and came back to give him a ticket. Told him it was illegal to back out into a road.

Is it illegal to back out of a driveway in Ontario?

It is not an offence to back out of a driveway, but it is an offence to back across a lane of traffic.

Who is at fault if you are backing out of a driveway your back tires haven't left the sidewalk yet and your neighbor pulls in front of your driveway to back up into a parking space on the street?

Finding out the answer to these sorts of questions is what courts are for. The answer depends on the details, but from the brief description given, I'm inclined toward the position that it's probably your fault, or a mixture of fault, but with you being the one mostly in the wrong. People who are backing up are supposed to take extra caution.

Who is at fault when you back into a car?

If you back into a car you are at fault, especially if the other vehicle was parked. You are the one with the responsibility to look behind you and to avoid the accident. If both cars are moving all bets are off.

Is it illegal to back out of a driveway?

Only onto a major road or junction, or by a local ordinance. Otherwise we would all have a U shaped driveway. You need a turn-around area in your driveway. It certainly is not safe to come to a stop on the highway and back into your driveway nor is it safe to back out of your driveway onto the highway. I have a straight driveway and it's not illegal to back out onto a minor residential street.

Who is at fault if you roll back on a hill and hit a car while parking?

The general rule of thumb is that any car moving that hits a parked car is at fault.

Whose fault is it when someone who is pulling out of their driveway backs into a car driving down a hill?

Don't force the wording of the event and I believe the answer to: "...when you back into someone....", is evident. Add to it, "...when exiting a private driveway...", where one is always required to yield to the traffic on the public street.

If backing out of your driveway you come to a full stop at the end of it because you see another car coming and the other car hits you while your bumper is still on your own driveway who ist at fault.?

It depends. Which bumper is still in your driveway, your front or rear? Did the other car leave the roadway and hit your car? After you came to a full stop did you then proceed to back out and then got hit? If any part of your car was in the roadway then it would most probably be your fault. Any vehicle that is entering into traffic from a driveway is required to yield the right of way to those vehicles traveling within the roadway. If you stuck 2 inches of your car into the road and you were hit, it would be your fault.

Who is at fault when you are parked in your friends driveway and they back up and hit your car?

This has alot to do with if the impact is on private property and if you had permission to park in the friends driveway, then ultimately if you want to remain friends. If it's an easement or such, the other answers may apply.Another View: Whether you are on someone else's private property makes no difference, the striking vehicle is at fault. Your insurance companies will have to battle it out.

Is it illegal to back into a driveway from highway?

It is not illegal in any state to back into a driveway from a highway. A person should use extra caution when doing this to make sure that the road is clear in both directions. If the highway has high traffic, pull to the left shoulder of the road, then back into the driveway when it is safe to do so.

How did Larry bird hurt his back?

Building his mothers driveway

Who is at fault if a car backs into someone who is tailgating them?

Generally if you back into something it would be the backer's fault, unless both are backing and that will usually be that each would be responsible for their own vehicle damage. You shouldn't intentionally put it into reverse and back into someone that is following to closely. If you are stopped or moving slowly or have to stop sudddenly and they hit you in the rear the tailgater is at fault for following to close.

What is the duration of Killer Tomatoes Strike Back?

The duration of Killer Tomatoes Strike Back is 1.45 hours.

Why you shouldn't hit first and fights?

because if you kick at your opponent first he can grab your leg and strike back. if you punch your opponent first will block your hand using his other hand somehow and strike back. if he blocks your strike and he strikes back its not over. you can block his strike and strike back. that is how kung fu works. BUT YOU CAN NEVER DODGE!!!!

Who is fault is it when your back in to a car on private property when the car was double parked behind you?

As a general rule, a parked or stopped vehicle is almost never at fault for an accident. The onus is on the driver of the moving vehicle to make sure the way is clear.

How can base housing occupants eliminate the snow plows from pushing snow back into their driveway?

By pushing the snow to both sides of the driveway. (correct answer)

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