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Good question. Were you on disability when you switched employers? Is your question if the time on the 1st policy counts towards the pre-x period on the second policy like it does for health insurance? Did the prior employer give you a certificate of credible coverage for it? What do the terms of both policies say? It doesn't appear that Disability counts as group health under HIPAA per section 1171

In addition to the above, many supplemental short term disability policies that are sold in the workplace have a portability provision. That means you can elect to continue with the policy on a direct bill basis. Your coverage remains intact if you continue to pay the premiums. Check your policy for this provision.

2008-09-17 20:20:16
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Does the state of Oregon pay any disability due to pregnancy?

No. Being pregnant is not recognized as disability in any state.

Does Georgia cover short term disability for pregnancy?

Georgia does not have state mandated short term disability coverage.Private short term disability policies will cover your pregnancy and maternity leave - provided you apply for coverage before getting pregnant.

Do you think it is inconsistent with Protection against Pregnancy Discrimination Act?

Consider the following fictional scenario. The Commonwealth passes the Protection against Pregnancy Discrimination Act. This Act requires employers to treat pregnancy the same as any other disability. The NSW Parliament subsequently passes the Pregnant Employees' Leave Act which requires employers to give pregnant employees three months' paid maternity leave. There are no NSW laws requiring employers to provide paid leave to other employees who are temporarily unable to work. An employer channeling's the Pregnant Employees Leave Act (NSW) on the ground that it gives pregnancy preferential treatment and is therefore inconsistent with the Protection against Pregnancy Discrimination Act(Cth). Do you think it is inconsistent? Argue for your view, supporting your answer by reference to relevant feminist theories.

Can an employer fire a pregnant employee?

All employers can fire employees who happen to be pregnant. No law prohibits that. Employers larger than 15 employees (about 30% of employers) are subject to Pregnancy Discrimination Act and cannot fire women BECAUSE they are pregnant, but can fire for any other reason the employer wishes.

Is being pregnant considered short term disability and entitled to a medical leave of absence?

Being pregnant by itself does not constitute a disability. If you suffer from one or more complications of pregnancy and your doctor orders you to stay home from work, then short term disability will cover that disability. If your occupation has many physical demands, and your healthy pregnancy prevents you from performing your job duties, then short term disability may pay a benefit. Check your policy for specific language.

Can an employee collect disability for being pregnant?

Short Term Disability will pay a benefit for missed work due to pregnancy complications if your doctor indicates that you are unable to work.

How do you apply for long term disability for pregnancy?

Unless there are other medical problems you cannot. Pregnancy is not a disability.Depending on which country you live in there may be certain benefits you may apply for if you are pregnant. You need to check which may be applicable in your circumstances.

Can you collect disability pay in Illinois for pregnancy?

Illinois does not have a state disability program. If your employer provides this benefit, or if you enrolled in a policy before getting pregnant your normal labor and delivery will be covered.

Does Texas provide short term disability?

Texas does not have mandated short term disability coverage. You can get individual short term disability coverage for pregnancy and maternity leave in Texas. Be sure that your coverage begins before getting pregnant.

Can I get short term disability while I'm pregnant?

Yes, you can get short term disability while you are pregnant. It will cover you for accidents and illnesses that cause you to miss work. Your future pregnancies will be covered, however your current pregnancy will be considered a pre-existing condition.

Can you receive disability for pregnancy in tx?

Texas does not have a state mandated disability program. You can get coverage through your employer if they offer a voluntary option. You would need to begin coverage before getting pregnant.

Can you file for Workers compensation for being pregnant?

Disability Insurance Yes, Workers Comp. No because your pregnancy is not a result of your job unless you were raped there.

Can you get short term disability while on bed rest for pregnancy in Illinois?

No. Pregnancy is normally covered as any other disability, if the short term policy is taken BEFORE you are pregnant. If you are currently pregnant and get a new short term or long term disability policy, the current pregnancy will be excluded. If you have complications of pregnancy, and get a new policy, the future pregnancies may also be excluded. It's best to get coverage for short term disability and/or long term disability while you're healthy (and young) since the premiums would be much lower, and you'll have the protection for when you'll need it most. If you're already disabled or sick it's too late to get coverage for that specific disability, but you can still cover other injuries or illnesses. Talk to a good agent who can help you through this process.

What if i get Pregnant receiving social security disability medicare?

You will use your medicare to pay for the medical costs of pregnancy. The question is, " can you physically and emotionally care for the baby ?"

False pregnancy test?

can you have a false pregnancy test and still be pregnantcan you have a false pregnancy test and still be pregnantAnsweryou can have a false negative pregnancy test and still be pregnant

Short term disability to cover pregnancy?

Many short term disability policies will cover your pregnancy leave for complications, and your maternity leave for normal delivery. Your coverage needs to begin before getting pregnant. Policies sold through groups are the only ones that cover pregnancy. Ask your employer to provide you the option to pay for coverage yourself by payroll deduction.

Can you get pregNant three months into your pregnancy?

If your already pregnant and have sexual intercourse during anytime of your pregnancy you can not get pregnant.

Exam shows pregnant but not pregnant Bialiated?

Perform a pregnancy test to determine if you are pregnant. If you are pregnant, see your Doctor for confirmation of your pregnancy.

What is a phantom pregnancy in dogs?

Phantom pregnancy, also called a pseudo-pregnancy or a false pregnancy, is where a dog appears to be pregnant but is not actually pregnant.

Can you collect disability while pregnant?

You can collect on short term disability while pregnant after your doctor indicates that you are unable to perform your job duties.

I am currently on Long Term Disability and Social Security Disability benefits for a chronic illness. Will I be able to continue receiving these benefits if I decide to get pregnant?

Only if the pregnancy has complications and the doctor recommends bed rest or otherwise decides that you can't work.

How to read an answer pregnancy test?

+=pregnant -=not pregnant

How soon can you apply for disability when pregnant?

You can apply for disability once your doctor indicates you are not able to work.

Can you feel pregnancy flutters but not be pregnant?

Pregnancy flutters are only for women who are pregnant. If you are not pregnant and believe you have it, it is something else with similar symptoms.

How long after conception can a pregnancy test detect that your pregnant?

how long after conception can a pregnancy test detect that your pregnant