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Workers Comp is for Injury at work, till it recovers, the Plan will pay benefits as long as you are injured and un able to work. State laws may be differant from State to State.

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Q: If you become disabled on the job and collect workers compensation does it end and social security pick up?
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If you become disabled on the job and are collecting workers compensation does social security pick up or is workers compensation payments for life and are they taxed?

This is a complex questions. Workers' compensation payments are seldom life-time benefits, they normally are for a fixed period of time. Workers' compensation benefits are not taxed. You can file for social security benefits and medicare while you are receiving workers' compensation. Social security may claim an offset (reduction in benefits) for the amount you receive from workers' compensation. The amount paid by social security is taxed.

If you collect workers compensation because hurt on job and now are going to recevice social secerty disabiliy do you still get the same amount from workers compensation?

You are eligible for the same amount from workers' compensation, but social security will claim an offset (reduction in benefits) for the amount you receive from the workers' compensation payments.

Can you collect workers compensation while incarcerated?


Can you retire and still collect workers compensation?


Can you still collect Workers Compensation and resign from your position?


Can a person collect unemployment benefits while on workers' compensation?

no. If your on workers comp. then your still employeed.

What has the author Duncan S Ballantyne written?

Duncan S. Ballantyne has written: 'Workers' compensation in Iowa' -- subject(s): Workers' compensation, Statistics, Administration 'Accommodation of disabled visitors at historic sites in the national park system' -- subject(s): Barrier-free design, Historic buildings 'Workers' compensation in New Jersey' -- subject(s): New Jersey, New Jersey. Dept. of Labor. Division of Worker's Compensation, Workers' compensation 'Revisiting workers' compensation in Michigan' -- subject(s): Workers' compensation, Law and legislation 'Workers' compensation in Oregon' -- subject(s): Workers' compensation, Law and legislation, Workers' compensation claims 'Revisiting Workers' Compensation in Missouri' 'Workers' Compensation in Arkansas' 'Workers' Compensation in Louisiana' 'Revisiting workers' compensation in Connecticut' -- subject(s): Workers' compensation 'Workers' compensation in Ohio' -- subject(s): Ohio, Ohio. Bureau of Workers' Compensation, Statistics, Workers' compensation 'Workers' compensation in Wisconsin' -- subject(s): Workers' compensation

Can you sue your job and still collect workers-compensation?

no you cant you lazy git

Can you collect both unemployment and Social Security benefits in North Carolina?

Yes. Both Social Security and the State of North Carolina allow workers to collect unemployment compensation and Social Security benefits at the same time without applying an offset or penalty to either check.

Can you collect disability if you are out of work for medical reasons for three months?

This sounds like a Workers Compensation case. Contact your state's employment security office, or its equivalent, for directions.

Is workers compensation money taxable when used to offset social security?

No. Workers comp is not taxable.

Which tax is collected to support retired or disabled workers?

social security tax

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