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If you believe in reincarnation karma Mother Nature and the idea of multiple gods what religion are you?


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January 09, 2011 5:59PM

If you believe in multiple gods, or the possibility of them, then you're pagan. Paganism itself isn't really a religion, it's any of many religions that have more than one god (not monotheistic). Most monotheistic religions such as Christianity consider paganism evil, but that's just their viewpoint (based on the 10 commandments you should only worship God and no other).

Look into Wiccan (the original religion of Europe that Christianity called witchcraft). They looked at balance, wisdom, etc. that might fit your Nature, they had a Goddess and a God, but I don't know if they had reincarnation.

Not sure, but it's possible that with your modern view, your mixing parts of many religions, so all of your beliefs may not exist in one named religion that you can 'practice' with others. The usual definition of reincarnation is taken from Hindu or Buddist believes. Many old religions just thought you died, no reincarnation, no heaven as Christians know it (as a reward place for those who were good while Hell is a place of punishment for evildoers. Greeks and Romans had a god of the underworld, where your spirit went, but you were not born into a new body on Earth. Norse had Hel, the goddess of the underworld, where most people went (those warriors that were exceptionally courageous were chosen by Valkyries to go to Valhalla when they died, there to fight with the gods in the final battle against Giants and other evil monsters). Note that most if not all people went to hades or hell, it was not a place for punishment for evil just a place where all souls of the dead went. I don't know a lot about Native American beliefs, but not sure if they believe in reincarnation either.

About Natuer. I'm not sure how (western) ancient civilizations would view modern thought of 'nature'. To many in modern times, nature is pure and balanced while civilization is machines, pollution, noise, overcrowding. But, to many ancients in Greece etc., nature was often wild, chaos, and danger, not a good place to be. Native Americans didn't separate nature, since they didn't have civilization to separate themselves from it. Their religion is very nature based, but again not like our current view of it as an antidote to civilized living.

Your beliefs might not fit the nice neat prepackaged form of an accepted religion either. Hope this helps some.

Reincarnation, Karma and multiple Gods are facets of the Hindu religions. Mother nature is more of a Druid / Wicca sort of thing.