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If there are no faults with the first car and you are wanting to change just because of a matter of choice then you will just have to take a loss with the part exchange valuation. If the first car was faulty then you may have to go to litigation as your rights are not straight forward. Unless you have a 7 or 14 day exchange plan in the agreement.

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Q: If you bought a car four days ago and want to exchange it for a new car at the same dealership what are your rights?
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What are your rights if you bought a car from a dealer and still haven't got the title?

It varies state to state. Here in OH the dealership has 45 days to provide you with a clear title.

Can you return a new motorcycle you bought 2 days ago?

it depends on the dealership.

What is Lexus return policy on parts?

Depends on the dealership you bought the parts from. Usually 30 days...

Whats the outcome when trying to exchange a pendant?


In Pennsylvania if you have problems with a used car two days after the purchase can you return it to the dealership?

Perhaps, it depends upon the "lemon laws" of the state in which the vehicle is bought.

Can you return s used car you bought 18 days ago?

As long as you're at the SAME dealership, yes.Answer:It would depend on the details of your purchase agreement and local legislation.

How many days do you have to return a car to the dealership?

None, the buyers remorse laws do not apply to the purchase of any vehicle new or used in any state. You bought the car and you own the car.

What are my Rights on returning a car bought with wrong lease agreement?

i bought a car last night at a car lot..and im not happy with it, a friend told me i had three days to change my this true?

What are your options if you bought a used car in new car dealership got their financing and had an accident within 3 days of buying the car and no insurance?

You have to pay off the car. Unless there was a fault with the car that caused the accident, the dealership is home free. Surprising that they did not require collision insurance as part of the financing.

What if the dealership you bought your car from went out of business and the finance company does not have the title your car is paid off how do you sell the car without the title?

You should be able to go to the DMV and get a duplicate. It takes about 5 days.

Can you exchange your old ipod for the new one?

You can, but you will get about 10% back of what's it's worth. Try to sell it to someone who might need it or wants it. You may get more out of selling it then exchanging it. If you bought it online within 30 days or so then you could get you money back depending on where you bought it. If you bought I at a store I believe it's 15 days or so, as it varies from store to store.

What is vitamed internet and how does it work?

i sent an email wanting to exchange some stuff i bought vitamed sent an email saying a ticket had been created.this was 4 days ago

I bought a used motorcycle from an individual and the radiator blew 4 days after the purchase date Am I covered by any buyer's rights or are private vehicle sales as is?

No. The sale is as is.

What are your options for a car you just purchased ten days ago from a dealership and now you don't like it?

Unless the dealership has a written exchange policy (where you can swap a recently purchased vehicle for another of equal value) you can not return the car and cancel the contract! I have sold cars in the state of Delaware for over u18 years. Hope this helps you

Can you return a car that you bought in Wisconsin to the dealer in 30 days?

A person cannot return a car bought at a Wisconsin dealership within 30 days and ask for a refund. There is a designated process to go through to resolve issues with purchased vehicles in Wisconsin. Under the Lemon Laws for the state of Wisconsin there is a form called an MV2338 that must be filed with the state after the dealer is informed of a problem.

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You bought a used vehicle 4 days ago you think you made a mistake Can you return the vehicle to the dealership?

No. There is no "buyers remorse" law for vehicles. If you change your mind 1 minute after driving off the lot, the car is still yours.

How long do you have to get a tag on a car in Georgia?

If you bought the car from a dealer you have 30 days if you bought it from a private party you have 7 days in georgia.

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Can you return a car you bought 3 days ago to the dealer the financing has not gone through yet it is in the state of wv?

No the dealership is under no obligation to allow a consumer to return the car. Once the contract is signed the car has a new owner and belongs to the buyer.

What can you do if you buy a car and it doesnt work?

Depends on who you bought it from. If it was an " as is" sell then you are stuck, but if you have a clause in your contract that gives you 30 or 60 days to bring it back for repair or exchange you have a way to get some type of remedy. You can always sue.

How many days if any do you have to return a used car purchased from a dealership?

I would say that you can't return the car because,at a used dealership it's usually "AS IS" so the way you bought it is the way you going to have to deal with it.Also you could have looked for a used car with a warranty for only 30 days. That's all they give you at a used dealership. In most cases, the 72 hour "Right of Rescission" law applies only if the item or items purchased were delivered to your doorstep and/or sold to you at your residence...i.e. door to door vacuum cleaner salespeople. If you buy a own it.

If you do not pay the down payment to the dealership within the agreed upon 30 days can they repossess your car?

Mike, READ the contract you signed agreeing to do certain things in exchange for a car. What does it say about if you are in DEFAULT? If you dont perform any one of the conditions of your loan, they you are in default and can be repoed.