If you bought a car from a dealership and then later you found out it was in an accident can legal actions be taken?

Possibly. I assume it was a used car. Did the seller represent to you that it was NOT in an accident? That would probably be legally actionable. On the other hand, if they just failed to mention it, it would be alot tougher to recover. To recover, you would have to be able to show that: the seller knew or should have known that the car had been in an accident, that the seller represented to you it wasn't, and that the car is actually different somehow than if it hadn't been (that you were "damaged"). Sometimes a State's Attorney General's office will help people resolve these kinds of problems; they have a lot of clout and are free (unlike a lawyer). Understand that if you sued and won, generally all you would recover is the diffence between the value of the car you have and the value of the car if it hadn't been in an accident. You MIGHT get your attorney's fees paid by the loser, but probably not. So as a lawsuit, it can be expensive even if you win.