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I don't know but if it were me... I would ask the dealer for an itemized statement of the DMV fees owed and the amounts already paid, if they won't give you one, call the state Attorney General's office and ask for consumer help. If they give it to you, and it still doesn't make sense, try taking it to your motor vehicle department and see what they say. It might get sorted out really fast if you start asking for things in writing. =)

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Q: If you bought a car two months ago and have not received the registration yet and the dealer says you owe 200 dollars more for DMV fees what is this about?
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How long before you have to register a vehicle you just bought?

The average is about 30 days from a dealer, private sale is immediate, unless you are able to get a temporary registration.

Can you drive a new car home without registration?

No. But the dealer has, or can get you, a temporary registration.

How does one go about buying a new car registration number?

Vehicle registration numbers are a means of determining the owner of a vehicle. Usually, when purchasing a vehicle from a dealer, the dealer will transfer the registration number to the purchaser and fill out the required forms.

Who do you contact to get a serial number of a handgun that is registered to you?

First, if you live in one of the VERY few places that requires registration of a handgun, contact the authority with whom you registered it. In MOST of the US, there is NO registration of handguns. The Dealer that you bought it from must maintain a record of the sale for 20 years to comply with Federal Law, but those records are retained at the shop. In that case, check with the dealer.

What is vtr dealer added to new car contract?

Vehicle Theft Registration Database = FREE $$$ to dealer...

When you purchase a gun from a gun dealer is it also registered at that time?

Depends on where you are. In MOST of the US, there is no requirement for registration of common firearms. The dealer must maintain a record of sales, but there is no "registration" per se.

Can a dealership charge the customer for back registration as well as current when you purchase the car?

No. Not back, late registration and fees and penalties.But that's easy to get around, they just hide it in the purchase price But current registration yes. A car bought from a dealer must be currently registered, smogged (Calif) for 2 year smog certificate, and they can put that right in the sales contract legally.

What is in the Chevrolet truck warranty?

You should have received a copy of the warranty when you purchased your vehicle. However, if you did not, you should contact the dealer that you bought the vehicle from to obtain a copy of the warranty. The warranties are not available on Chevrolet's website which also says to contact your dealer.

Should registration fees be paid by used car dealer?

Not in Massachusetts anyhow.

When dealer is liable for registration under MVAT Act?

I also dont know

Can a used car dealer repossess a car with a balance of only 124 dollars if there is a loan on the vehicle from a bank?

IF the dealer is acting as the banks agent(hired to repo), YES.IF you bought the car from that dealer, the dealer may have had "recourse" on the loan, so that he/she had to do the dirty work if you didnt pay. $124.00 is not the main question, how LONG has the $124.00 been in default??

A clothing dealer bought two dozens jackets at 48 each the next month she bought 15 more jackets at 48 each what expression give the total number of dollars the dealer spent for the jackets?

(24 x 48) + (15 x 48) = (39 x 48) = total investment in jacket inventory

When a gun is bought from a dealer is it registerd?

Generally speaking, no. A few states, 5 or 6, require gun registration, but in most of the U.S. there is no registration. The 4473 form you fill out stays at the gun shop for 20 years, then after that, the gun shop can shred and dispose of the forms, but that isn't the same thing as having to register the gun.

i bought a car from gmac dealer but its not a gm . i bought the extended warranty?

Good for you, what's your question?

Your yfz 450 is supposed to have a adjustable needle but dosent have one ever hear of this bought new from dealer having carb tunning issues?

If you bought it new from a dealer take it back to the dealer or your warranty will be void if you mess with it.

Where can you sell your bren gun?

If you have registration papers, contact any dealer in Class III (fully automatic) firearms. No registration? 10 yrs in prison.

How do you register a gun Alabama?

Most states do not require registration of firearms, with the exception of NFA firearms, such as machine guns. When purchasing a firearm from a dealer, the dealer must maintain a record of the sale, but there is no registration per se. Welcome to the South, y'all!

Where can you dispose of Kennedy silver dollars and Half dollars?

Take the to the bank or to a coin dealer.

Where do you go to register a vehicle bought from the owner?

to any dealer



Do you need to register the car you bought from a dealer in OH?

In most cases, you will not need to register your car, the dealer will do it for you. You need to ask as each dealer is different.

How many days after purchasing a vehicle can you return it?

There is no return policy unless the dealer agrees to this. You bought the car so it is yours. A car dealer is not like Walmart where you can return an item you bought.

Can you return a car to the dealer if it's been bought with lies by the dealer?

Not unless those lies were within the contract.

How do you find guns that are registered in your name?

It depends on where you are, but the short answer is, you can't. In the U.S. most states do not require registraition, and in the few that do, the information isn't available to the general public, and there is no federal registration. --------------------------- Actually, there is a federal form that everyone from every state has to fill out when you purchase any firearm from a federally liscensed dealer (gunshops) That is form 4473. The dealer has to keep the form for 20 years. The forms must be surrendered to the ATF when you go out of business if it is before the 20 year period. In other words, the dealer you bought the guns from can tell you which guns are registered to you if he is still in business. _____________________ The 4473 form is not the same thing as registration, and any guns that are bought and sold between individuals don't require a 4473 in many states, so the answer to the original question still is, you can't find out what guns are registered to you, because there is no federal registration, and most states don't require it, and in the states that do, the registration database isn't available to the general public.

Can you return a car bought from a dealer if car broke in less then 2 months?

Yes but it would be worth less money than before because of the damage. If you are asking can you return it for a refund, the answer is NO if you bought it "As Is". If it has a warranty then the dealer will repair it. Talk to the selling dealer.