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Yes - walk or find another means of transport (which means purchasing another ticket)!! yes go to the ticket counter and they should help you. I missed mine one time and was put on the next bus out.

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Q: If you bought a ticket but then missed your bus can you still get to where you are going?
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They will send you a violation notice in the mail with a penalty. If you still have your ticket, you may mail back the ticket with the toll fee and you will not have to pay the penalty.

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I ran a red light cause i had an ambulance behind me and i had to give way...Am i still going to get a ticket for this How much is it going to cost me?

I got a ticket for $135.00 for running a red light.

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The best way to beat a red light camera ticket is to obey traffic signals and not be issued a ticket in the first place. Once you get a ticket, there are businesses such as Ticket Clinic, that can help you fight it. Also, sometimes just going to traffic court will get the fine dismissed, but you will still have to pay the court charges.

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If someone is given a citation ticket and only has a learners permit and yet still pays for the ticket whats going to happen?

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I was pulled over going 90 in a 65 in SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA on the 94 east. In May 2009. It took over 2 months for my ticket to be in the system and I still haven't gotten my ticket amount in the mail. Yet when i logged on to pay the ticket ONLINE, the ticket came to be 332.00 I was offered to goto traffic school so the new bail and fee amount came to 382.00. So check your ticket online at,1272147&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL DONT WAIT FOR IT TO COME IN THE MAIL CAUSE MINE STILL HASN'T COME IN THE MAIL AND MY COURT DATE ON MY TICKET IS IN 1 DAY! SO CHECK IT ONLINE!

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If you purchase a bus ticket at the station will there still be a gift ticket fee?

Fees are customarily included in the ticket price.

How much does a speeding ticket cost in California for doing 82 in a 65?

i just got this same ticket the other day. i am 18 and need to know how this will affect my insurance. i was going 81 in a 65 but all the traffic around me was going the EXACT same speed, if not faster. i still don't understand how i got the ticket, but i did so i have to deal with it. how much will my insurance increase? would it be worth it to take it to court or to just pay the ticket and take traffic school? could i be denied traffic school because i was 16 over?