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What makes you think you can just return it. You can't. You bought it, you own it. Now if you are talking about doing a voluntary repossession, of course it will ruin your credit for 7 years. A repossession is a repossession, voluntary or not.

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Q: If you bought a used car and want to return it and buy a cheaper one will it ruin your credit?
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Can a Debt Collector Threaten to ruin your credit?

Technically, you have already ruined it. They are just going to report it. If that is what you mean by threaten to ruin your credit, then yes they can. Legally.

Can you return a new truck without getting bad credit or getting into legal problems?

Return it to who? The truck is owned by the bank or lending institution. Returning it to them would for sure ruin your credit with that bank. You will also be responsible for the difference in what the bank sells the vehicle for and what you owe. Don't do it. Let someone take over the payments if you are in a bind and are unable to keep up payments. Talk to the lending agency and work something out. It is very easy to ruin your credit and not so easy to repair.

Will running your credit ruin your credit if you have no credit?

That would require a best answer. Visit the site to know exactly the process and answer. yazing .com/deals/lexingtonlaw/mariocassy

How does a magnet in a credit card work?

Magnet's ruin credit card's smarts! the reason why is just because. there is nothing else to it!

Is there a credit counseling program that won't ruin your credit score?

Their are several credit improvement programs available online for free. You dont have to report credit counseling services so it shouln't affect your credit score.

Does a debt being turned over to a collection agency ruin your credit?


Can you go to jail for not paying rent a center in full?

NO, but you can ruin your credit score and that can be very damaging to future credit approval procedures.

On the not paying for unsecured credit cardsWhat if you do not pay themAnd you and your wife are now on disabilitywhat can they doAccept charge off and ruin your credit?


Can mistakes you made when you were under 18 ruin your credit?

No! You should contact the credit bureaus immediately by mailing letters "by registered mail" if anything appears on your credit report when you were under 18.

If someone has full insurance on a 2005 Yamaha in Arkansas and he wrecked it if his insurance fixes it is there a return policy that will allow them to take it back and not ruin his credit rating?

Read this question yourself as if you don't know the details of this scenario. What has having a wreck and the insurance fixing the bike, have to do with ruining his credit. What do you mean by, "them to take it back". Why would the insurance company want to take it back? Do they hold the loan on the bike? The bottom line is that a repo is a repo. It is always a bad deal and will always ruin your credit for 7 years. Do not allow the bike to be repossessed.

Does bankruptcy ruin your credit?

This is an incorrect assumption that leads many people to avoid filing for bankruptcy. They fear that a bankruptcy will ruin their credit for a long time and that they will not be able to use credit, rebuild their credit or purchase a home in the future. The reality is that the majority of the people who are considering bankruptcy, already have poor credit, due to late payments, repossessions and foreclosures. Further, most people who file for bankruptcy can rebuild their credit to a relatively good level after two years. This depends significantly on what they do after filing for bankruptcy. It is important that you work toward rebuilding your credit after filing for bankruptcy.

How can a cybercriminal harm a person whose personal information he or she has stolen?

they can make personnel with there information and ruin there credit for them.

Can you return the co-signed car to the dealer?

Sure if you want to ruin your credit and end up paying the difference between what the car eventually sells for and what you owed on it. Don't do it!!! If the dealer is not the lender then he is not envolved with this in any way whatsoever. Talk to the lender and work something out.

Will a credit check ruin your credit score?

No, if you fill out applications to open a line of credit then that will change your credit score but simple inquires of your personal credit score will not ruin it. It is better to keep an eye out on your score and report to make sure no one has opened an account in your name or to dispute anything that doesn't seem right on your report. Always pay your bills on time and more than the monthly payment to increase your score. A Excellent score is above 800 points and 700-799 is a good score.

What do you do if you have too much oil in your engine?

If you overfilled your oil on accident do NOT drive the car. Either drain some oil yourself or have the car towed to a mechanic and have them drain some oil for you. If you do drive the car even with the oil overfilled by as little as by quarter quart the oil will foam up and do a LOT of damage including blow seals ruin cylinders ruin valvetrain ruin oil pump ruin pistons ruin rings ruin cylinder head ruin valve guides and more. At that point it would be cheaper to buy a whole new or rebuilt engine then to fix the old one.

How can car debt affect the rest of your life?

Failing to make payments on a car loan could ruin your credit.

Why does hacking effect others?

because they could steal your identity and lots of money and could evrn ruin your credit.

How can you ruin the magnetic strip on a credit card?

No they are literally indestructable as tested by the NBOFP (national bureau of fraud prevention)

Can a collection ruin your credit report?

Yes a collection can ruin your credit report. Collections are similar to charge offs and will lower your score significantly all depending on the age of the collections and the amount owed. You can remove a collection by disputing it to the credit bureaus or by contacting the original creditor and working out a deal. Either way works well. You might have to hire a credit repair service if you decide to dispute it or have the money to settle the collection if you contact the creditor directly.

What type of things can ruin your credit?

There are many things that can ruin your credit. One of the biggest things that can ruin your score is missing payments, especially if you miss more than one. Delinquent payments can really bring down your score, especially if they go beyond 30 days late. Another way your credit can get ruined is if you apply for lots of credit cards at once. Although applying for new credit is a fact of life in our credit society, filling out too many applications gives potential lenders a red flag that you are living or planning to live beyond your means. In addition, running up your balances can take a huge chunk out of your credit score, so make sure the balances on your cards and loans are under control or else you could be losing valuable points. Personal quip: good luck and happy borrowing!

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Can you reopen a credit card that you closed?

Yes, you can request your issuing credit card company or bank to reopen your credit card that you closed. I did that with one of my credit cards. However, make sure that you had a good record on that particular closed account and that you check if all the balances have been paid before you closed the account in order not to ruin your credit history.

What are the consequences of not making car payments?

If you do not make car payments you will default on your loan or lease. It will ruin your credit and end up with a repossession.

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