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In most cases yes

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How long do you have to return a used vehicle that just bought today in south dakota?

If it is a used vehicle and the contract states that you bought it "as is", you can not return the vehicle. Unless you were somehow misled as to the deal, the vehicle, or the contract, and can prove it, you can not return the vehicle.

If you bought car in August when is first payment due?

It will be specified in the contract.

Can you return a used car to a dealer if you have problems two hours later under South Dakota law?

If it is a used vehicle in South Dakota, and the contract states that you bought it "as is", you can not return the vehicle. Unless you were somehow misled as to the deal, the vehicle, or the contract, and can prove it, you can not return the vehicle.

If you bought a motorcyle with a down payment can it be returned within 48 hours?

On any contract purchase, you have 3 days to back out and get your money back.

How do I get a truck titled in Georgia that I bought from a private seller?

You are required to submit a title transfer document and payment to the DMV in the state the vehicle is going to.

Can you cancel contract on a car you bought today from a dealer USED CAR?

No, the buyers remorse laws do not apply to the purchase of any vehicle new or used in any state. You bought the car and you own the car.

i have 2 cars bought at different time not on same contract they are both late on payments but they are refusing to take payments on one car if i dont make payment on both can they do that?

It depends on your contract and if it you bought both cars from the same dealer, for further information you could consult an attorney to get a perspective from a legal standpoint.

What is the law for returning vehicle within the first twentyfour hours in Arizona?

If it's a vehicle you purchased, you cannot return the vehicle. There is no threee-day cancellation clause or any other law that protects a person who bought a vehicle. It's assumed that you entered into a contract with knowledge and thought beforehand. If you bought a new vehicle and that new vehicle does not run correclty, you may be protected by a Lemon Law. If you bought it used from a dealer, you may be protected by a warranty, but in that case the dealer would only have to repair the car, not take it back. If you bought it from a private seller, it is considered an "As Is" sale and the responsibility is on you to have it checked out before you buy it.

Must a loan company that bought a car dealer's contract on a vehicle honor the terms on that contract that was signed by the buyer of the car if no new contract was made between the new lien holder?

most definatly, and don't let the new company tell you otherwise.

What is a sentence for payment?

The money given to The shopkeeper was payment for the bicycle that John bought.

If you bought a new car and signed a contract for 0 percent APR and 3 weeks later the dealer called and said you were not approved at 0 percent and now your payment is over 100 more can they do that?

Yes the dealer sends your signed contract on to a loan broker possibly the company that makes the vehicle and they in turn run a credit report if your credit is not up to the standards for a zero percent loan it is not accepted you in turn do not have to purchase the vehicle since the terms you signed for are not accepted the contract is void. Let the dealer lower the price to you or go someplace else to purchase.

What if you bought a car and couldn't come up with the down payment?

then you haven't bought it

Can you return a vehicle if you did not give the downpayment?

It baffles me that you even got off the lot (assuming the intended purchase was from a dealer) with it in the first place sans said payment. However, it also depends on who/where you bought the vehicle from, what type it is, what sort of contract you signed (Provided you signed one.) Unfortunately, this isn't a yes or no answerable question, too many dependencies and factors to make it so cut and dry.

What is Arkansas law for returning a newly purchased vehicle?

My 18 year old daughter bought a programs 2010 vehicle from a AR dealer with me as a cosigner. First payment due on 7-29-11 and she has the money for that payment however she just submitted her college schedule to her job wherein they told her they would see what they could do but no promisses. I have been taken off work due to health issues so this vehicle payment may get rough for anyone. Is there any clause in a law that states she can return the vehicle now?

You have bought a used vehicle and discovered that it is not in good condition?

Bought a used vehicle but discovered that it is not in good condition, what should i do?

If an elder purchased a new vehicle and doesn't want it before the next payment is due what can you do?

There is no cooling off period on the purchase of a vehicle. Being an elder does not help, unless you are not of sound mind. You bought the car, so you are stuck with the car.

Who bought Elvis music contract?


Which one do you think parents would buy for you ipod touch or iphone 4g?

i bought mine but i think my parents will ratter buy a ipod because it doesn't require a monthly payment nor a contract

Can you return a vehicle in 30 days?

You cannot return a vehicle. If you bought the used car "AS IS" with no warranty then you bought it as is, which means, exactly that, AS IS. If however you bought it with a warranty then the warranty may cover the repair.

I bought a 2006 Elantra and the car is a 2005 Elantra?

I bought a Hyundia Elantra a few months ago and was given all the paperwork for a 2006. I recently found out that the car is a 2005. I have signed the contract and is currently paying for the vehicle. What should I do about this? I really need some answers.

I bought a used Toyota Highlander from a dealer and the minute I drove it off the lot the VSC land check engine light came on. Do I have any options if they do not take it back?

It totally depends on the wording of the sales contract. If anywhere on the vehicle window sticker or on the contract it states "As-Is" then you've bought the vehicle and the problems. Most reputable dealers offer some kind of limited warranty with the vehicle, and will repair the problem(s), but you will have to check your sales papers and/or talk to the dealer. Your only other option would be to take them to small calims court.

Do the cheerleaders come in the package if you bought the team?

depends on the contract

If Verizon bought alltel can I get a new contract from Verizon?

yes you can

How do you pay taxes on a vehicle bought from a private seller?

Collected by the State when you register the vehicle.

Can the parent take a vehicle that is in the child's name if he is seventeen if the parent bought the vehicle?