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First off, get it out of the impound. Pay the fines/fees/court time. If you can't, you may be stuck unless there are independent inspectors in your area. If you can get it out of impound, you'll need to trailer the bike to the local DMV where an inspector will most likely have you wait for quite some time. A vin without title isn't the worst thing, but it could be better. They will first inspect the bike for safety and regulation. If you pass that inspection, they will usually run a check of the vin you have. You'll most likely need any sales/lien paperwork you have when you acquired the bike/vin. As long as the vin doesn't come back stolen or with any lien's outstanding usually, they'll issue a duplicate title. They forget to mention all this in "how to build a chopper." Not to mention the hassle of registering a homebuilt with the insurance company. I hope that helps.

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Q: If you built a homemade chopper and have a vin but no title and the motorcycle is impounded how can you get it inspected for a title?
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