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This is called a voluntary repossession. What happens is the car will be auctioned in the condition that it is in and say you payoff is $12,000.00 and the auction for the car brings $9,000.00, there will be a judgment issued in the amount of $3,000.00. This will also stick with you on your credit.

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Is a private leinholder of a vehicle liable for the actions of the person who has possession of the vehicle?


Who has the right to a vehicle that is stiil being paid for?

The person paying has the right to the vehicle

Can you sue someone if you park in their driveway and someone hits you?

No. The only person who is liable is the person who hit your vehicle.

If a stolen vehicle hits your car is the owner's insurance company liable?

The thief of the car is responsible, not the owner of the car. How can the owner control his car being stolen? However, if the owner or person in charge of the vehicle left the keys in the ignition, liabilty may attach in some jurisdictions.

A vehicle did damage to your fence on your property the insurance company is saying they are not liable because the person driving the vehicle was not supposed to be driving it?

When driving behind another vehicle at night,

Can you hold a person liable if person is excluded on insurance an gets into wreck?

What do you mean hold them liable. If you gave them permission to drive your vehicle and you had excluded them on your policy, the insurance company will not pay any part of the claim. More than likely you, as owner of the vehicle will be the primary target. If the accident involves another car you will be primarily responsible for their damages and injuries as well as the damage to your vehicle. You can try to implicate the driver but it is your vehicle, your insurance and exclusion that you signed, and you gave this person permission to drive your vehicle, knowing what you do about them.

If an unlicensed uninsured minor driving a car with the owners permission has a parking lot accident is the owner liable or the minors parent?

The insurance company is not liable for paying damages. The minor was knowingly breaking the law by driving w/o a license. The parent of the child will be held liable for damages. As will the person/owner of the vehicle if they knew the minor was not a legally licensed driver. If you let an un liscensed/uninsured minor driver your vehicle, your asking for it. If you werent the parent of the minor, they could sue you as well for neglect.

If warning sign is posted and a person neglects the sign who is held liable?

The person liable is the person who ignored the warning.

Who would be liable if you were driving a friend's vehicle and got into an accident and they did not have insurance?

The driver's insurance would then be considered "secondary," meaning if the owner of the auto didn't have insurance, then if the person driving the car had insurance, they would be liable.

If you are a cosigner on a vehicle and the other person gets the vehicle repossessed then files for bancruptcy what happens to the cosigner?

you are still liable for that loan. the lender may decide to not accept the bankruptcy charge and go after you for the money.

Uninsured driver driving insured car is he covered?

If a person is driving a car and he/she is uninsured but the vehicle in which he is driving is registered and insured to another individual, the registered owner is liable for the damages to the other pwesond's vehicle.

Who is liable for hitting a stationary vehicle?

How can the person not moving be at fault? If we hit a pole or a snowbank we are deemed at fault, regardless of the circumstances, because they were not moving. Care and control of your own vehicle comes into play in this situation.

Who is liable for tree falling on neighbors car while cutting?

If the person cutting the tree dropped on on the car, its their fault. There is no reason for it to fall on a car, unless the person was in a hurry and did it or just didnt know what they were doing in the first place. So if the company cutting it did it they're paying...or if you did it, you're paying...easy as that

Are you liable for a person parking in front of your house?

Liable for what? A parking ticket? Not if it isn't your car.

If a person is living on your property and gets in trouble are you liable?

You are liable for felonies, but otherwise not for anything else.

Does cosigning a loan affect your credit the same as being the primary person on a loan?

Yes if you co-sign for a vehicle you are just as liable as the primary person so if they dont pay you have to pay or both your credits are hurt

If someone else crashes your car are they liable?

Yes the person crashed the car is directly liable, but if you gave him the car and he was drunk or etc. you are also liable

Does your liability insurance cover medical for a person if you were not driving?

Your liability insurance does not cover medical expenses in your vehicle no matter who is driving. Depending on your state and the regulations there, this could vary somewhat. Liability is coverage for the party and passengers in a vehicle that you hit if you are at fault. If you are talking about a person in the other car then yes, but if you mean a person in your car the answer is no. You need to purchase "Medical Payments" or PIP coverage to provide medical coverage fro those in your car.

Who pays red light ticket when vehicle owned by a corporation?

The CEO of the corporation is responsible for paying the ticket because the vehicle belongs to his/her corporation but the person driving the vehicle at the time of the infraction (if known) should reimburse the corporation for committing the offense.

What benefits does a person receive for joining the Disney vacation club?

By joining the Disney Vacation Club, you are put on a kind of points system. Each time you purchase points or earn points, they can be put towards your next vacation. The cost in points tend to be less than paying out of pocket for your stay.

Who is held responsible for the loan on a repossessed vehicle?

The borrower. If there was a co-signer, that person is also fully responsible for paying the loan if the primary borrower defaults.The borrower. If there was a co-signer, that person is also fully responsible for paying the loan if the primary borrower defaults.The borrower. If there was a co-signer, that person is also fully responsible for paying the loan if the primary borrower defaults.The borrower. If there was a co-signer, that person is also fully responsible for paying the loan if the primary borrower defaults.

Who is liable for Turnover tax?

The person whose annual turnover is above 5,00,000. He is liable to pay tot tax

Is your insurance liable if your vehicle wasn't involved in a fatal accident?

If you were driving someone elses vehicle and involved in an accident whether it be fatal or not then the person who owns the vehicle should have insurance on it and then the accident would be covered on that policy but if it goes over the amount that they have then its possible for yours to kick in and pay any extra.

What is Splitting a purchase?

One person paying half and another person paying half.

Can you take the car from your daughter as you are paying it?

If the loan is in your name or if you have a lien against the vehicle, yes. If it's not paid in full and the title in her name, it's not actually her vehicle, per se. It belongs to the lienholder, and the person who received the loan has custodial charge of the vehicle.