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If you have something saying you have paid for the car and you have the car and title, he can't come back and ask for more money. If you have no proof that you paid full price, but you did, you may have to let him sue you or you sue him. Talking to a lawyer may help if the dealer doesn't leave you alone.

2015-07-16 19:17:03
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What does drug dealing have to do with math?

The dealer has to make money if he sells it for the same price he bought it then there is no profit. At the same time the dealer has to sell it at a price to where the buyers do not feel ripped off.

A car dealer raised the price of a car from 10500 to 13125. What was the percent of change?

25% increase. Clearly price gouging.

What does service code A13 mean on a 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour?

On almost all Hondas is the same. A = Oil & filter change. Dealer price $33 - $50 1 = Rotate tires. Dealer price $15 3 = 12qt. Transmission service. Dealer price $188

Can a car dealer change a price on a car?

Unless a car company clearly states that their car is a certain price at ALL dealerships, a dealer can make a car as expensive or cheap as he wants. A dealer will set a price so it is not so cheap as to cause loss of profit, but not so expensive that it wont sell.

What is the importance of price elasticity to a cellphone dealer?

what are the importants of price elasticity of demand to a cellphone dealer

What do monetarists believe?

the change in money supply will affect the price level

Which of the following describes the dealer sticker price of a vehicle?

the (MSRP) sticker price plus the suggested retail price of dealer-installed options...

What is an invoice price?

The price a car dealer pays to the manufacturer for each vehicle he buys.The invoice price is sometimes used as a tool to sell by the car dealer implying that the customer is buying at cost without telling them about bonus money and hold back that can be in the thousands. This system also allows the dealer to "not show a profit" bypass paying a commission on profit to the sales staff.

What is the delivery price in a forward contract?

The price that the buyer and seller agree on.

What is an average price for home water delivery in Tucson?

I live in Tucson, AZ. What is the average price to start for basic home water delivery?

Can a dealer sue me for money if he repossessed my car?

If the sale price he gets for it doesn't wipe out the amount owed, yes, he can attempt to get the balance from you.

How much money does an Art dealer make in a year?

average is $43,000 a year. mainly depends on rate of sales and price of sales.

How much was the dealer price of a ford model a?

From $385 for a Roadster to $1,400 for a top of the line Towncar. That is 1920s money which is not the same as today.

What does suggested list price mean when buying a Harley?

Suggested list or MSRP (manufactures suggested retail price) is the price the manufactures set to allow consistent pricing from dealer to dealer. However the dealer can set his on price higher or lower than the suggested price. The list price also allows dealers to make a suitable profit over their cost.

Who pays tax title and license you or dealer?

You do, the dealer may roll it into the price,but ultimately you do

Why did the Subaru dealer not think the water pump should be replaced when the timing belt failed?

Did you give the dealer a price limit? Most people would change both, but if you told him, "don't go over x" and changing the water pump would do that, he had no choice but to not change it.

What is the difference between unit cost and unit price?

Unit Cost is what the manufacturer charges a dealer for the item. The Unit Price is what the dealer charges a customer.

Why do fluctuating price levels cause individuals and businesses to change their purchasing decisions?

The real value of money falls as price levels drop

What is a car's Invoice pricing?

The invoice price is the price the dealer pays the maker of the car. It's also the price the dealer will pay a percentage of interest on while the car is in their inventory. The invoice price the the most ideal price you can achieve while negotiating. As the dealer doesn't make anything on the sale. You should always talk up from the invoice instead of talking down from the retail/sticker price.

How much is a scrap cat from a 3ltr jeep worth?

Scrap prices change often. Call your local scrap metal dealer for a current price.

What does floor plan financing involve?

The dealer is loaned money to buy the inventory from suppliers and holds the inventory in trust for the bank. As the borrower sells inventory to consumers, he pays the bank. The dealer keeps the mark-up of the retail price

The dealer charged you more than the advertised price can you return it you are in Illinois?

If the dealer charged you more than the advertised price, you can probably return your car. You could also just make them correct the price.

How do you describe the dealer sticker price of a vehicle?

MSRP, or Manufactures Suggested Retail Price.

How much will a car dealer drop the price on a used car?

All depends on how much money he has tied up in the car. It also depends on how popular that model is.

What is the average cost of bottled water delivery from Arrowhead?

The price for a delivery would probably would probably depend on your location. My search resulted to a price of around 19 dollars a month.