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If you knew these were problems before the purchase, then no. If you did not know that the check engine light was broken, maybe. Anytime you look at a prospective car, turn on the ignition, without starting, and look to see if all the lights are working. It is a violation of federal law to deliberately remove or disable the emissions control light, (check engine light). Your problem is proving the seller did this. There is an old saying, "Buyer Beware". Contact your State Attorney General and ask for advice. In the future have the car inspected by a trusted mechanic before the purchase. This will be money well spent.

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Q: If you buy a car as is with a broken check engine light and MAS and O2 sensor and misfires is there anything you can do to get your money or repairs?
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What does A broken oil engine dipstick causes?

A broken engine dipstick should not cause anything or have an effect on anything. A broken dipstick will make it impossible to check the engine oil and should be replaced as soon as possible.

What are the symptoms of a broken or cracked rotor?

Disc brake rotor? A pulsation in the brake pedal when applied. Distributor ignition rotor? The engine may not run or run poorly with misfires.

How does 1 bad cylinder affect perfofmance?

i tmakes the car judder a i and the engine misfires

What would cause gas to come out of your exhaust?

incorrect engine timing so that it misfires

What happens when firing order is wrong?

The engine , if it runs at all , will , of course , have misfires and may have a 'backfire' .

Will anything in the ac cause the check engine light to come on?

Nothing except - maybe - a broken belt.

Check engine light Mazda Tribute?

The check engine light on a Mazda Tribute gives warning of potential problems. It can signal overheating, low oil, or engine misfires.

How do you tell if the engine is blown in a 1997 Ford Econoline van?

You can tell the engine is blown when the Ford Service department manager refuses to admit there is anything wrong with your engine and flat out refuses to supply paid for warranty covered repairs!

Do you need to replace coil packs when replacing spark plugs?

not necessarily unless after replacing plugs your engine misfires.

How do you fix a P0300 on a 1999 suburban?

You have to find out what is causing random misfires in the engine. See related question below.

How do you fix an engine that misfires?

Misfire Faulty: spark plug, spark plug wire, ignition coil, ignition module, fuel injector are the most common. Coolant leaking into a cylinder is another. Internal engine problems such as burnt valve, broken valve spring, bent push rod, worn rings

The person who repairs the engine in a car?

a mechanic or technition

You got a code saying cylinder 2 misfires what could it be?

Plugs, wires, coil, distributor, injector, internal engine....

What causes multiple cylinder misfires on dodge 5.9l engine with only 11000 miles on rebuilt motor from dealership?

the injectors....

What are signs of camshaft sensor going bad?

Check Engine light, misfires, cut outs, hard starts, no starts......

Why does engine light come on a volkswagen golf mk4?

Could be anything. normally its the oil level is low or the sensor is broken. it could also be your oxygen sensors are broken and need replacing.

How do you know if your Hyundai lantra 1600 engine is losing compression?

When a Hyundai is losing compression in its engine the car will not run properly. Symptoms of low compression are misfires, stalls, and overheating.

If your transmission is acting funny with warning lights going on and off could it be anything else but the transmission?

Yes allot of Engine misfires and engine performance running issues feel as if the Trans is the direct problem, but mostly never ends up being a faulty Trans. The engines On board diagnostics will set a check engine light on or flash when problems arise.

Does an engine have new life after changing the head gaskets?

Not really. You've repaired something that was broken, but not done anything about what else that was worn.

What cost more to repair engine or transmission?

You can spend more on an engine, but both can be expensive. There is no way to guess which is going to cost more. Some engine repairs can be as little as $100 and some transmission repairs can be $3,000 and the reverse is true.

What would cause a single cylinder missfire even after plugs coil pack injectors.?

Wiring and internal engine problems can cause misfires.

1990 Cadillac Fleetwod 4.5 engine miss fire at high speed?

Usually misfires can be attributed to a bad plug, wire or coil.

Why does your 2001 Mazda melinnia check engine light keep flashing?

A flashing check engine light means you are doing serious damage to your catalytic converter due to repeated misfires in one or more cylinders. If you get a code scanner (or go to an autozone, oreilly's etc. where they scan it for free) you will see a code such as P0301 (misfire, cylinder 1). Your catalytic converter is probably shot now. If it is and If you live in a state that does emissions inspections you will need to get the converter replaced after you fix the misfires. An old spark plug will generally cause the misfires.

Could leaking valve cover gaskets cause engine misfires?

Not unless it is leaking so badly as to get enough oil on the plug wires to short them out.

Why does my 06 Chevy Malibu misfires in the same two cylinders?

2.2 or 3.5 engine info needed along with codes and which 2 cylinders are misfiring.