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A call to your state Dept. Of Motor Vehicles should answer this question.

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Q: If you buy a car but do not have a driver's license can the car still be titled in your name?
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Can i buy a car and several people drive it and i don't have a licence i am disabled?

Depending on what state you are in, you don't need a drivers license to purchase a car. You only need a drivers license to drive it. If you do have a car titled in your name, you will still need to insure it, whether or not you drive it.

Name two different drivers license?

Commercial Drivers Licence, Restricted Drivers Licence

In Michigan can you register a car without having a drivers license in your name?

No, you must have a valid drivers license to register your car.

If you have a warrant block on your license causing you not to be able to renew your license or get cars registered in your name but your drivers license is still valid can you still drive?

Yes you can! It is not a loss of driving privileges. Here is Ohio's BMV

What is the name of the font on the ca drivers license?


How to obtain drivers license number by name address and social security number?

How to obtain drivers license number by name address and social security number?

Does dmv interstate compact track drivers by license number only?

Drivers license numbers correspond to an individual's name and date of birth.

How to get a used car dealer license in Texas?

How many cars do you have to sell in one year to be required to have a dealer's license in Texas? 5 or more and they must all be titled in your name not in the name of a business or other entity. It you sell 5 or more, or sell a car that is not titled in your name, you need a license.

Does a person have to have a drivers license in Dallas Texas to put a car in their name?


Having a car in your name with no drivers license?

yes.... but try to insure it..........

Can you have a car registered in your name in state of Illinois without a drivers license?


Can a person with no Driver's License be put on the title to a car?

Yes, a person can have a car title in their name if they do not have their drivers license.

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