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If you buy a car but never pay a payment and the bank takes the car does it show on your credit report?


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It sometimes takes a month or two to be added as a negative on your credit report.

Bad credit history is reported for seven years. Each time you make a payment on the account, the time that a creditor can report the account starts over.

It takes at least six months to hit your credit report after purchasing a vehicle.

I had a 670 score the month before it dropped off, and when it dropped off it went up about 50 points. In that period (ten years) I never had one late payment, so you can recover from a Chapter 7. It just takes time.

A "Merchant Credit Card Processor" is a electronically device that takes the information from your customers credit card for payment. This will automatically put the payment in your account after charging the customers credit/visa/master card.

Websites accept credit card payments through companies that offer payment and transactions processing services. The company processes payment, takes a fee and forwards payment to the company.

Restoring bad credit takes time. You can start by requesting your credit report and dispute negative mistakes that you may find. Only the passage of time can improve your credit when you have legitimate negative remarks in your credit report.

The three are TransUnion Score, Experian Plus Score, and the VantageScore, but it is recommended you don't do this. These are not the real deal. The report you want to get is FICO, and was developed by the Fair Isaac Corporation, and takes into consideration your entire credit history, current debt, payment history, account makeup, and all credit related activity.

it currently takes 7 years for something to come off of your credit report

A bank credit is when someone takes out a loan from a bank where they are not required to pay the debt back immediatly and a payment schedule will be made.

To get "clean" you must always, without fail, make every payment on time, every time. One late payment after 20 years of paying on time will mess up your credit history for the next 7 to 10 years, and it takes at least 7 years to get that bad mark off of your credit rating. This is why it is so very important to do whatever it takes to make your credit payments on time, every time ... if you have to go out and get a 2nd or 3rd job to help with expenses,then so be it. Your credit rating follows you throughout your entire life ... protect it like gold.

Take the time to handle your credit responsibly and wisely, and keep an eye on your credit report to avoid errors and incorrect data creeping in there. Doing so only takes a bit of effort and can pay off in spades for you and your financial future. Make sure to keep credit accounts under 30 percent of what the available credit is. Whenever possible, pay balances in full, not the minimum payment. Make sure any old debts lingering on a credit report are paid.

The lender is likely to report this to the credit reference agencies within a week of the default You can get 1 free copy of your credit report from all 3 of the credit agencies once every year at this website: The URL above takes you to the page that has links to each of the credit report agencies websites if you need to contact them individually.

The only reason may be timing. It is possible that between purchasing the 3in1 service and receiving the scores from the bureaus that updates or changes were made to your credit report. Sometime it takes a few months for changes to get to a credit bureau and be incorporated into one's credit report.

Depends on your electric company and their policy. My electric company takes 3-5 business days to credit my account with my payment online. It really is up to the company how they credit you.

The debt usually remains until it is updated by the institution where you have paid it off. Also, you may look into your credit report and go from there if it is listed on it - they should be able to help you remove it also. The debt, even when paid off, could remain as part of your visible credit history for up to seven years. This is why it so very important to pay all your creditors on time and every time. Just missing one payment can wreak havoc within ones credit history even if someone had never missed a payment for 20 years ... only takes one time ... seems the creditors only look at all the bad points instead of solid performance in one paying on time.

The dispute takes so long because the credit reporting agency has to investigate any and all disputes.

Depending on the circumstances, your credit worthiness could be reduced drastically to the point where you may be denied any kind of loan at any percentage rate. Your credit rating will remain affected by this repossession anywhere for the next 7 to 15 years. It only takes one single missed payment to totally screw up one's credit rating, even if you have faithfully paid everything on time for the last 45 years and never missed a payment ... that one late or missed payment messed that entire long history.

if the balance changes most report every month some however only report every 3 months if there is no activity like 0 balance on credit cards they may not report till activity takes place maybe 6months to a year

Yes it will.....but only if the lending institution reports to the credit bureau, not all of them report and sometimes they only report when it's negative, or a late payment. Ask your lending institution what their policy is on reporting. But generally, when the owner of your installment loan reports to the credit bureau on a monthly basis and your installment loan takes at least six months to pay down, it will improve your credit. Rule of thumb though, negative marks on your credit report take more points away than positive marks add to, it sucks, but it's true.

Before you can make an online payment, you will have to register on the site. It only takes a couple of minutes. After you have registered, you can make a Capital One credit card online payment by logging on to online banking on the Capital One official website using the username and password that you created.

A judgment will reduce you credit score. It takes about 7 years for an item on your credit report to be removed. You have to make a request for it to be remove from your credit after you 7 year period.

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