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no you do not get a free membership you get the puffle that you got.

besides Club Penguin is free (but not membership).

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How can you turn into a puffle on Club Penguin during the Puffle Party?

anyone could turn to a puffle during the party event . GO to club penguin and there will be a crate press it and look at the down which is telling you if you want to transform to a puffle.

How do you become a puffle on Club Penguin?

The answer to that question is No. You could have though! Back during 2008 Club Penguin made the CPIP ( The Club Penguin Improvment Project) and on April 1rst everyone could play as a Green Puffle.

How can you be a puffle on Club Penguin?

One time you could be a puffle temporarily; this was when the CPIP project was in action and everyone turned into a green puffle temporarily, back in 2008. Unfortunately there is no other way of being a puffle, but wouldn't it be cool if Club Penguin brought out a new game where you could be a puffle? I think it would be great!..x

Where is puffle lanch on club penguin?

You could go to Puffle shop then you will see the launcher next to the door on your right. That door is roundup puffle (I forgot the name)

How do you be your puffle on club penguin?

This could be done only in the Puffle Party 2012 till now, otherwise you can't do it. Or who knows, next puffle party also you might be able to turn yourself into a puffle.

Where is the puffle party on Club Penguin going to be?

It could be anywhere but more likely it will be at someone's igloo.

How do you get brown puffle on club penguin?

u can do it but u need to be a member to buy the brown puffle but u could have got it all u had to do is solve a quest

In Club Penguin why are there extra spaces on the puffle card?

Those might be there because, maybe, in the future, there might be puffle card upgrades, and you could put those there.

How could you change into a puffle in club penguin?

What you do is dance then wave then sit anywhere then dance dance and your a puffle! (might not work because its a really old cheat!)

What is the next puffle on Club Penguin?

As of the 6th December 2012, no new Puffle has been confirmed however it will most likely be one of these:Rainbow PuffleGolden PuffleHot Pink PuffleThere have been rumours of the Hot Pink Puffle, nothing more.The Golden Puffle has it's very own play at the Stage that comes by every now and again. Could it be found soon?There have been many hints about the Rainbow Puffle being next including one of the issues of the UK Club Penguin Magazine. PH said that she found a drawing of a rainbow Puffle in a cave on one of her hikes. This could be a clue!

How do you get brown puffle in club penguin?

During January of 2011, you could get a brown puffle for free at the Wilderness Expedition. But now you can get one at the pet shop for 800 coins.

Could someone give you a the webkinz codes?

yes, but it would not benefit the person with the stuffed animal in the first place, unless they have a stuffed animal collection :0

What is the next 5 puffle colors in club penguin?

Well. Nobody knows. There are alot of puffles that can be true. Some even animal like such as the bat puffle, reindeer puffle, bird puffle and the cat puffle. The cat puffle is true. It appeared in Puffle Trouble. You could see it. There are 3 puffles I know are real. 1 rainbow puffle PH says in the UK magizens about rainbow puffles alot. Like she went into a cave once and saw a drawing of a rainbow puffle on the wall. 2 Golden puffle It has been confiremed. 3 Grey puffle It will have attiuted of all the puffles I belive. Well thats all I know. There is possibly a hot pink puffle. There's gonna be a new puffle in the Puffle Party 2013. The animal like puffles may not be new colors. Exept the reindeer one. He is like a brown puffle but lighter.

How do you get the rainbow hat in club penguin?

if you are talking about the puffle rainbow hat it was at the puffle party you could get it for free but it ened on the 25th or 26th i cant remember but it is gone now sorry!

How do you be a puffle on Club Penguin?

You have to have the ultimate cp trainer but it gets you a Virus on your computer and could get you banned so BEWARE! :)

Where can you get a drum set in Club Penguin?

It might be on the catolog or it could be in the Treasure book.You cant just automatically go in there because you need to buy a puffle in Toyzrus On that puffle there would be a code

What to name a black puffle on club penguin?

Maybe Flare, Hot, Blackie, Moody, night, midnight, grumpy, grumbly, fire, light, red, black and Jake.Hope it helped. Look for What could you call a puffle on club penguin. To get more answers.

Where to buy a puffle picture in club penguin?

well you go to your igloo and go to the buy items catalog if you go onto a page in it it says puffle pictures you could get the big puffle pictures to if you click on the letters of where it says pictures tip there is no orange or brown big puffle picure

How do you get the puffle poster on club penguin?

it came out a couple of years ago so you could buy it but its not out any more but you never know it could come back out

Can you buy anything on club penguin except a puffball like a play area for them if you are not a member?

Sadly you can not buy anything on club penguin except a red or blue puffle on club penguin unless you are a member. You could also use a cheat or glitch but you could get banned from the website forever.

How do you buy a computer on Club Penguin?

You could only buy a computer on Club Penguin before the Puffle Party they are gone now but don't worry keep an eye out because normally things come back on Club Penguin.Ladyzhou

How can you get a puffle on club penguin and I'm not a member?

I am also not a member. if you go to the puffle catolog in the puffle shop, you can but either a red or blue puffle there for 800 coins. You are allowed only two puffles and you could have two reds, two blues, or both on red, one blue. but for members you can have up to 16 puffles but for still 800 coins

What is a good name for your male stuffed animal duck?

It could be ducky, quakers, Daffy or Donald Duck.

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