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Mexican citizenshipno there are no penalties for returning to your hometown. even if you were here all your life but were born over there youre considered a Mexican citizen. unless you get a citizenship in the united states that's when you have to pay a penalty to go to Mexico.
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Did Cesar Millan come from Mexico illegally?

Right. Millan illegally crossed the border into the US in 1990 and stayed illegal until 2000 when he became a legal resident; he became a U.S. citizen in 2009.

Does a citizen of Mexico who has his papers still need a passport to go to Mexico to visit?

does a citizen of Mexico need a passport to go from the us to Mexico and back? He is legal to be in us but not a us citizen.

How will property be split in Mexico if your spouse is a citizen of Mexico and you are a US citizen and the property is in both of your names?

it would go to the legal resident of the host country

If a minor was raised in the US illegally can they become a legal immigrant through marriage when they reach the age of majority?

Yes. If the illegal immigrant marries a citizen, they can become a citizen from that.

How an illegal alien married to citizen who crossed the border illegally can get legal status?

Visit your local INS office with your papers!

How do you become legal without marrying a US citizen?

If you go to any country illegally, you are always illegal. Plus, marrying a US citizen not only does not make you legal, it will create problems for that US citizens too if the officials find out.

Can bankruptcy discharge legal fines or penalties?

No, it does not discharge legal fines and/or penalties.

If you lived in the US illegally will you ever be able to return?

I'm sure you would be able to if one became a legal citizen afterwards.

Are Muslims exempt from paying health care tax?

If they are a legal citizen, no. If they're here illegally, they most likely receive free health care.

How can you find out if your marriage is legally binding if I'm a US citizen married to an illegal immigrant in Texas?

If you followed the proper legal process to get married, then the marriage is legal. It doesn't matter if he's here illegally or not.

If you entered the country illegally over 20 years ago how can you become a legal citizen without marrying?

In order to become a citizen you would need to take a citizen test. You would need to obtain some sort of work permit to stay in the country.

What is so wrong in Mexico that people will actually sneak into the US illegally then complain about being mistreated here?

if I was a legal Mexican immigrant having gone through the long tedious chore of becoming an American citizen I should be furious at all the illegals bypassing the laws of America

Would a court appoint custody to an illegal immigrant father that resides in the US illegally if the mother that is a legal citizen dies and the children have a stepfather that wants custody?


If you are a us citizen and you are married to an illegal alien from Mexico can he become legal?

Yes, but only if you apply for a green card.

Is a marriage between an American citizen and an illegal alien from Mexico binding?

No. He or she can and will be deported when the authorities notice his or her legal status.

What are the legal penalties for Hashish?

Depends on where you live, but the penalties are similar to marijuana charges

If a male US citizen marries a Mexican female citizen in Mexico is their marriage legal in the US?

Yes, the US recognizes legal marriages performed in other countries. This does not mean that the Mexican citizen can enter the US without using the procedure required by US immigration laws.

Tell you about proceger for get marriage with legal resedence?

Getting married to a U.S. citizen will not make you a legal resident. If you are in the U.S. legally you can file to adjust your status to a legal resident. If you are in the U.S. illegally, getting married to a U.S. citizen will not help. You will need to go back to your country and apply for either a K1 fiance visa or a K3 spousal visa.

If your boyfriend is an illegal alien who entered the US illegally how can you marry and make his status legal?

from the best of my knowledge, the best thing to do is to be a u s citizen and then try filing for your boyfriend

What is the root word of illegally?

illegallyRoot word = legalPrefix = ilSuffix = ly

Can a US citizen marry a Mexican citizen in Mexico and return to the US immediately?

He or she could, but his or her partner must make the appropriate arrangements so that she or he acquires the US citizenship. Namely, contacting the American embassy in Mexico and begin such legal process.

What is the legal drinking age in Mexico for us citizen?

Legally its 18 for every living Human Being, not just US.

Who is not at risk for legal penalties related to the use of illegal drugs?

People who do not use drugs are not at risk for legal penalties related to the use of illegal drugs.

Is There Anyway To Get Illegally Married In The UK?

There is no way to get illegally married and then acquire any of the legal rights of marriage.

Your boyfriend is in the us illegally how do you make him legal?

marry him