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As a former bodybuilder and fitness nut, I can tell you that NO, it is not okay to use calories on sweets every single day. These types of foods are considered "junk" for a reason - containing a huge amount of sugar which equals empty calories. They can wreak havoc on your blood sugar and cause you to stray from following a proper diet plan altogether. If you have a craving, such as for chocolate, try to limit yourself to a small portion once (twice at max) a week. If you deny yourself the craving, you might have a tendency to binge. Not good. If you do find yourself craving sweets on a daily basis, opt for a piece (one, not twenty) of sugar-free hard candy. Let it dissolve slowly in your mouth. This tactic has worked wonders for me in the past. It will help you to get past your craving and move on with your day feeling happy and fulfilled. Remember not to starve yourself and get plenty of exercise.

2009-06-20 16:44:28
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Q: If you can have almost 2000 calories a day is it ok if you use some of those calories on sweets?
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If you can have almost 2000 calories a day is it ok if you use some of those calories on sweets like cakes cookies brownies and candy?

Yes, but generally those types of sweets have high calorie/weight meaning eating just one candy bar is relatively a lot of calories. It is okay to eat whatever you want, but if you want to stay on budget you have to eat a balanced diet with calories summing to less than 2000.

What is the average amount of calories consumed each day by one person?

2000 calories 2000 calories 2000 calories 2000 calories 2000 calories 2000 calories 2000 calories

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Food Finds - 2000 Sweets was released on: USA: 27 October 2002

How many calories are in a cake?

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How many calories are there in an average day in America?

to many. we americans should only eat 2000-3000 calories a day to stay healthy, but we eat almost double that! why are we so stupid that we do THAT!?!?!?

What is the daily allowance of calories for a child?

2000 calories

How many calories should a fourteen ear old girl eat in one day?

About 2000- 2500 calories About 2000- 2500 calories.

How many calories do you have to have for a 45 year old?

2000 calories

How many calories are in cooked broccoli and cauliflower?

2000 calories

How many calories do the average human take in daily?

an adult male takes in 2000-2500 calories and an adult female takes in 1800-2000 calories.

If you eat 2000 calories from apples and 2000 calories from cake will you gain the same amount of weight?

Generally, yes. But your body will process the foods differently. 2000 calories of cake is not that much cake. A few slices will do it with some cakes. 2000 calories of apples is a lot. That's like 20+ apples

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How many calories should a boy and girl between 10 and 13?

For a boy: 2000-2400 calories per day For a girl: 1800-2000 calories per day

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Over 2000 calories for a woman is to much and for a man its 2500.

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2000-3000 calories

How many calories does small fries from Wendy's have?

2500 calories is in Big fries!2000 calories is in Small Fries!

How may calories are in eggs?

The egg white is 0 calories and the egg yolk is 2000 calories, according to my studies.

Why do food labels indicate 2000 calories are needed per day?

2000 calories is the average daily calory requirement for an average person.

What is in a 2000 calorie diet menu?

Things that add up to 2000 calories.. you can look up how many calories something has by using google. :)

Is 2000 calories too much?

That is dependent on many factors, but typically no. If you are a healthy, active adult 2000 calories if certainly not "too much."

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How many calories need in human body?

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318 calories based on 2000 calorie diet...

How many calories does the average teenager require?

around 2000 calories per day

How many calories in a bag of popcorn?