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No, but your tone and timbre will change which means that you will sing differently.


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2011-01-20 23:31:52
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Q: If you can sing well and you get your tonsils removed will you lose your singing voice?
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Can you lose your singing voice if you get your tonsils removed?

No. In fact, my own voice teacher thought it gave the singer "more room to work with:.

When you have your tonsils taken out do you lose your voice?


Will you lose your singing voice if you get your tonsils out?

Not at all. You'll have to stop singing for a few days, and you might have to learn how to use the added space in your throat, but it's really not that different.

Can you lose your tonsils non surgically?

Do you lose your tonsils after the age of eighteen or can they fall out on their own? You have to get your tonsils surgically removed, they can't just "Fall out."

Can you lose your tonsils twice?

No, once they have been removed that's it. WRONG! Your tonsils can grow back.

Can you lose your voice having your tonsils out?

Maybe you can, I'm not really sure.

What are the disadvantages of singing?

The disadvantages of singing is that you can lose your voice and probably hit puberty and deepen your voice.

If you can sing but you don't sing that often and is shy to sing in front of people would you lose your singing voice?

NO! you will NEVER lose ur singing voice! u might get horse or lose ur voice but it wont harm ur singing!

Can you lose your voice by singing?

Temporarily, yes. You should always warm up your voice before singing.

Does Justin bieber lose his voice while singing?

Justin Bieber doesn't lose his voice when he sings. As a famous star, he has access to most all of the best singing coaches and teachers, and must know a lot of the singing techniques that prevent him from losing his singing abilities, such as using the diaphragm and not the throat to sing, which allows a singer to project more and not lose their voice after singing for a while.

What cause you to lose your voice when singing?

a few causes can lose voice or effect voice while singing :- 1. psychological factors such as excitement, shyness or fear of something will go wrong with throat, can practically cause voice problems. 2. Singing in high pitch, or keeping saliva in mouth and inhaling it while singing can arrest the throat causing voice problem. Riz

Can you get your singing voice after you've lost it?

It depends on the reason you lost your singing voice in the first place. If it is from a viral cold or sinus infection or from overusing your singing voice you will probably get it back. However, if you lose your voice from something such as cancer, you probably won't get it back.

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